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    Writing OF's and FF's. I like Rping, and changing my avvy, sig, and member a lot.
    I also like coloring linearts I find online, and... I love food!
    And my soon-to-be baby (I'm pregnant), Skarlytt. Yes, it's a girl!

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    United under Scorn (US)
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    Haru no Kaori
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  1. Well if it's not helping you then you should leave. D: But I will miss you.

  2. Fizzy... I shouldn't stay... But I might be able to try. (sighs) I just think that this whole thing isn't helping me...

  3. Say goodbye- I'm leaving the game to improve my life! I'll miss you!

    1. Fizzydog


      No! Don't leave! I'll miss you. D:

    2. Heyman


      Later, girl. Keep it chill and don't kick the pooch!

    3. Asriel Belacqua

      Asriel Belacqua

      Life should always take more precedent. Just remember that this party just never seems to end, if there's ever time for you to join the fun again that is.

  4. Just try to stay optimistic. You're pregnat, right? Think about the new baby. :)

  5. -sigh- For $%&@'s sake, people. Not. Helping.
  6. I read your blog. I feel the same way. I've been depressed for a while.

  7. Hey Shidner. How's life treating you?

  8. I don't feel like posting or even coming on the forums anymore, Fizzy. I'm not going to tell you why because it's in my blog if you really care.

  9. You guys are horrible. Thanks for not taking me seriously. Full of tact, aren't you all? I really don't appreciate the joking on this- I'm dead serious. Thanks to all those that gave good advice, and to all those that didn't... Just because you think you're funny doesn't mean you are. Especially not right now. Go be funny elsewhere- I don't need that crap.
  10. Something's wrong with me- seriously. I'm going crazy.

    1. Fizzydog


      You're not alone. I believe I have also gone insane. D:

    2. Asriel Belacqua

      Asriel Belacqua

      I went crazy a while ago. Welcome to the club. ;)

    3. Captain Enema

      Captain Enema

      I'm not insane, not in the slightest.

  11. Life sucks- I know from experience. Mine only keeps getting worse.. I'm depressed, I'm paranoid, and I can't seem to find a single damn reason to live. But 'life is what it is', as Chase says, 'if you don't like it, go die'. I'm not gonna die, but my life is messed up. <------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Things have gotten bad for me... I yelled at my brother for offering me food so much that I got hoarse. I threw a glass full of chocolate milk at the wall. I have refused to leave my room for the past thirteen days except for necessary functions. I burst out crying because my boyfriend said 'I'm sorry' too much. I am, for some stupid reason, currently deathly afraid of being touched by other humans. <------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> What am I going to do? I think I'm seriously going insane. What do you readers suggest I do? Since you don't take me seriously, I don't want your damn help anymore.
  12. Nythera

    Happy Now?

    Hahaha... Because there, people will appreciate my work. Because there no one can tell me what the $%&@ I can and can't do. And because my low self-esteem and current state of depression make everything hurt more. -N
  13. You haven't been posting! D:

    So...I herd u liek mudkipz? :P

  14. I got a fanfiction.net account- you'll be able to find me there. My pen name is Xanadira, and I don't have anything posted yet. I'll tell you here when I post something there, in case you're interested in reading it. Anyway, to all you fanfic haters- happy now?
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