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  1. Ael Aluciz


    Ten days. It's not that long, but it depresses me beyond belief. So for that length of time I will disappear from here and wordlessly protest my mother's actions. I'll see you around, users.
  2. I'm sort of hungry, and I have Pocky in my backpack I'm not supposed to eat. ._.

  3. Honestly I thought the spren were a pretty cool addition to the world. It gave it a unique feel and flavor, and I get the feeling they're going to play heavily into the magic system of the world as we learn more about it. I enjoyed the spren a lot as well. They were interesting and it got me wondering on how many different kinds are mentioned in the book, so I'm reading it again and keeping a list.
  4. So today I realized I only know the geography of North America and Europe and then the rest of the world never seemed to matter. I'm fourteen, almost fifteen, and I am officially feeling like such an idiot for not having taken the time to learn it before. (Thanks, Centurius.) I've spent most of my life focused on English, so I've never had to glance at a map much, and my history classes up until now have been American History only, pretty much. I'm in my first Geography class ever, and I'm doing badly. What should I do to get better at Geography so I can keep up with my class?
  5. I sent you a message. Please read and reply.

  6. Why must they block everything that's worth doing?! I can't even view the CN:RP map and I need to write my DoE, putting my nation somewhere in the region of India/Afghanistan. But I can't do it. Why? I CAN'T SEE THE DAMN MAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! /slams head on keyboard in rage
  7. I know, right?! He's amazing, and I'm officially a Kaladin fangirl forever!!!!
  8. Hi. You seem active in RPing, and I was hoping you could give me some pointers on how to get started.

  9. I'm almost done with this book. :3 It's so awesome! Has anyone read it?
  10. Interesting picture there, Mr. Fizzydog. I actually have that on a camp shirt.

  11. Lies, cousin Nyth! Xanadira is moi!
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