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I venture out into the bewildering island that is CN blogging




Yeah, so I dont know what you were expecting with this.

Blogging seems to have taken a forefront in everything these days. That, Facebook and Twitter combined have become more popular than all of the news sites combined over the last 50 years. It's something called convergence.

Thinking about this reminds me of when I bought my first computer. A 486 DX-4 100Mhz with 16MB of RAM and a 1GB hd. It was all the rage when I first had it, played all the latest games. Duke3D, Golf, Doom and Doom2 (you can get these on the internet free of charge and legally now) it really makes the mind boggle when you can buy a $10 phone that does more.

Enough from me for now. Comment if you feel like.



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I remember my first computer. It was an IBM Aptiva with a 1GB hard drive and 8 megs of RAM. It came with a big packet of games, including Mech Warrior 2.

Ahh good times.

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I have to agree with you citizenkane, I am not even that old and I remember arcades at Godfathers pizza, and thinking that they were pretty amazing, not I look at the games on PS3 and it's mind blowing. Imagine where we will be in 20 years.

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Oh fearless leader my first computer was a commodore 64. Yall are a bunch of whipper snappers, but wait for some ol' greybeard to top me by saying, "My first computer was an adding machine!"

I see it coming, I really do.

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Atari, and an Epson Equity II. Floppy discs. BIG floppy discs. I was using an adding machine, abacus and slide rule. I ruled the world! :)

Pascal was the rage, and Fortran was the amazing moment of the future. Box the size of a refrig where we leased "Hot Site" space from their ginormous 13.0 Gb drives for tape uploads. We were technically advanced! Novell 1.0 Certified, and knew it was the future. I've got Flash drives bigger than that. I've lived through the entire revolution to date. Remember the "Sneaker Net"?

Played Pong on a monochrome, and people thought we were Gods. Atari? Had color! The Earth was going to end soon. DOS 1.2, anyone?

I love technology! Flyin' pixels through the color-teeny, Ma! Rotary phone was the rage! Private (no party) lines. Cars without seat belts, and metal dash.

I've been part of the revolution. I'm not sure we've done anyone huge favors, though. I kinda understand how Oppenheimer felt. We've created such power, yet we have no idea how to harness, control, or properly use it. DARPANet forever! :)

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