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DoE: The Altarian Republic

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Across the entire nation television broadcasts were cut and only one program was shown. This was done by the new Ministry of Internal Affairs (specifically the Department of Information) at the bequest of the Republic Council. Viewers saw a young and rather handsome looking man with full brown hair in a suit standing on a podium. Behind him were other various ministers, department heads and politicians standing up against an enormous flag hanging from the wall. Cameras were flashing and several dozen reporters and hundreds of ordinary citizens were surrounding the platform all cheering, screaming and waving around little flags. The man held up his hands and the crowd silenced as he began to speak.

[i]"My fellow citizens. Today the national referendum was finally tallied and confirmed. No longer shall we fight amongst ourselves like we have for several centuries. No longer will we fear death and destruction coming without warning and lives being torn apart by wars fought for reasons no long forgotten. Today heralds the dawn of a new age for our people with the formation of a new nation. Today the Altarian Republic is born finally bringing a force for peace and stability to a region that has only known war for the longest time. I am honored to have also been elected by you to lead our new nation to greatness. I, Grand Chancellor Netro Mancer, solemnly swear to you all that I will give all of my utmost ability to lead and ensure the prosperity of our new nation. Thank you all, and good night."[/i]

The crowd went wild with the end of his speech and the new Grand Chancellor walked off the stage and towards the front of the rally making his way through the crowd of people. His security staff was appalled, they had planned to go out the back, rushing to catch up with him but unable to part the crowd like Mancer. The Grand Chancellor kept going and greeting people, shaking hands, giving hugs; a woman with tears in her eyes even ran up to him and gave him a long kiss before the Chancellor's security agents finally caught up and gently parted them. Chancellor Mancer was quickly ushered to his limousine by his flustered guards. As he got in and closed the door he saw there were already several people there. His old childhood friend Vega Arco the new Minister of Defense was smiling broadly at him. The leader of the Arcean tribe he was a well built man with a height of 6'10". He was the true definition of an Arcean warrior and barely fit in the vehicle, bending his head forward to avoid hitting the roof. Kralax Korx was the next person he noticed, a rather short (5'4") and rotund man he was a very friendly person but, more than that, a genius when it came to economics which made him well qualified for his position as the Minister of Economics. He saw the man sitting on the other side and recognized his Internal Affairs Minister. Kona Tulha was the new leader of the Drengin after the former was just recently exiled from the Republic. He was a fairly well built middle aged man with balding/greying hear. Being a Drengin he was the most quiet person there, mostly keeping to himself, but also probably the most cunning. The last person was Daki Maldo, the new Minister of Foreign Affairs. She was normally very beautiful, tonight amplified by her stunning dress and jewelry selection. Daki was a fellow Altarian and received the job because she was very adept at diplomacy and had good people skills. Grand Chancellor Mancer himself had just recently become head of the Altarian tribe not three years ago after the former (his father) had died in battle with the Drengin. It was through that event that he sought to attempt to end the bloodshed the millions of people had gone through for centuries. Through his own personal skills and the help of numerous friends and fellow idealists, several of whom were in the limousine with him right now) that dream had become a reality. They all celebrated the moment he got in with several bottles of champagne being opened, with the exception of Kona who remained almost totally quiet, the fact that all their work had come to fruition and all hoping they had it in them to make it last.

(OOC: Guess I forgot the declaration of existence :unsure: I already have a [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=89293&pid=2378836&st=0&#entry2378836"]database[/url] and a [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=89320&pid=2379283&st=0&#entry2379283"]foreign affairs thread[/url] for people who want to open up foreign relations)

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[quote name='JEDCJT' date='19 July 2010 - 06:37 PM' timestamp='1279579029' post='2379415']
"J Andres officially recognizes the Altarian Republic and welcomes it to the world stage. We look forward to establishing diplomatic relations with you."

"Likewise, Disparu also recognizes the Altarian Republic and wishes it well in its national affairs."

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