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Before I begin asking for anyone's help, I'd like to tell you about coolKIDSdrinkWATER. coolKIDSdrinkWATER is a group created by teenagers discourage the use of drugs and alcohol and, especially, the social acceptance of this destructive behavior. It was founded at my school, which is known regionally for the amount of kids participating in the use of drugs/alcohol. The group is still relatively small, with about 1000 kids supporting the page on facebook, where the group is mainly based ([url=http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/group.php?gid=348969026958&ref=ts]link[/url]). Even though it was originally intended to be a grass roots campaign mainly directed towards the poor and African-Americans, the group is more than happy to include anyone from any background.

The group recently acquired a domain which they need help designing. It will be mainly informational, but also be used to sell T-shirts and the like. I'm not sure the exact details of the domain, nor of the exact kind of help they need. What I'm looking for is someone who is skilled in the web design/coding field and who will help to continue service the site. All requests from the group will come through me to you via IRC or PM, so you never have to go searching to receive the requests of the group.

Before you get on my $@! about this not belonging in the OWF... I'd like to pay the person who agrees to do this 50 tech every 10 days for 10 cycles (500 tech).

Thank you for your help!

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We done something similar in my school but it was hijacked by the pro-drugs people and our teacher never let us enter the contest :awesome:

Also if your lazy and want to sell t-shirts http://www.cafepress.com/

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Cool kids don't associate themselves with something which has 'cool kids' in the title <_<

You're not going to get anyone to do continual maintenance for free, which is what you're asking for if you're providing a one off payment. To make a site like this in the first place would be a non-trivial undertaking so unless you find someone who believes in the cause and wants to donate their time then I doubt you'll get anyone to do it for tech.

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[quote name='Arcturus Jefferson' date='08 May 2010 - 02:49 AM' timestamp='1273283345' post='2290894']
500 tech is not enough if you're asking for maintenance after the site is complete...

I'd argue 500 tech is not even enough for the initial work. You're going to have to find somebody/somepeople interested in the program to volunteer their time, or expect to pay some people some real cash (or tech, I suppose).

I'd be more than willing to help you however I can, I have a fair amount of experience in web design, programming, etc. I can refer you to a really reliable and affordable webhost, too. You can find me on IRC as Medicjoe95 usually idling in #umbrella

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