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Sverige anew

Markus Wilding

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"After a period of anarchy, Sverige is now the Swedish Empire. You are listening to the voice of High King Valdemar Fransson, the new king of our glorious Empire."

After the announcement was made, things returned to normal inside the Palace. [url="http://bittenandbound.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/10/jorja-fox.jpg"]Elin Fransson[/url] sighed and overlooked the courtyard of the Palace. A moving van with the words "Oscar Mike's - We're always on the move" had numerous men moving their various furniture into their new home. Her daughter, Melody, came up to Elin and asked, "Mom, do you know if my dresser's here yet?" Elin looked back at her daughter, then back to the moving van and said "I honestly don't know, honey. I would go say to ask your father but he's busy with setting the nation up. What do you need your dresser for anyway? It's 2 in the afternoon." Melody was at this time looking at the men unloading the furniture. "I was thinking of going out tonight." Elin sighed again, this time much more drawn out than the previous one. "Melody, I don't want you going out yet until we're sure the population wants us here. Maybe in a week or something, but not now. We still need to get to police force made, co-operate with the Norwegians with the army, [i]train[/i] said army, then arm them. Until then, you're not going out without our permission. And definitely not without us checking the location out first, and not without-" Melody interrupts her at this point, saying "I GET IT! Why are you guys so protective about me?!" As Elin begins to explain, Melody stops listening and storms off. "Okay then..."

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"We are glad, after all these years, to see a Swedish Nation arising once more. Though some of your infrastructure is still damaged, and your people hardened by their gruesome war, we are certain that you will rise to a state much stronger than you once were."

Massage to High King Valdemar Fransson:
"Sorry to be so abrupt with this, but I feel the need to bring this up sooner, rather than later. I feel we need to meet to complete the arrangements previously laid out by the SPA."

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