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Cyber Nationz

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Howdy Fellas.

The most Ebil alliance of all time the New Pacific Order now Neutral Pacific Order is behind all this.
These folks are the true Puppeteers of planet Bob.

So here is the deal,
The Agents of the Pacifica's Military Intel Unit were deployed not long ago to infiltrate the minds of all us nerds who waste precious life hours behind a computer screen playing this game.

Their programmers created a new program where binary codes are created in such an order that when viewed by a player it creates realistic thoughts of deceit in one's mind. This is a Top Secret project much more advance then any of the Pacifica's accomplishments.
25 years well in advance of their old program unimatrix. blah blah blah....

So anyway; The Cow may have resigned but it still is hungry for power and will grab all it can munch.
This operation was initiated in a very symmetrical and well balanced order.
It first started with highly impacted influence on the "blood sphere" which after the defeat couldnt be kept under control by a single alliance. The events led to much further plots being plotted leading to Maximum Confusion.

Thoughts and figures were created in players mind making them think that the Phoenix "a legendary bird" is actually a bad bad birdie therefore the birdie was hunted by many. The war wasnt long but was a mere stepping stone. one of the many that are layed down for the Pacific Army to regain control of all the puppets of Planet Bob.

Then came more psychic attacks from NPO's Military Intel Unit. Instead of killing goats they placed thoughts in Cn Players to make the good look bad and bad look great and right sound sinful and much more confusing biased bull-feces.
back 3 years ago an underground communication link was established between the two brothers. Polaris and Pacifica. yet this is not known to public; this channel is still controlled by the Cow's secret service squad.

Any who, where was I..... yeah so....
The true White Bear launched the invasion of the badlands to avoid precious caravans from being looted. [i]Follow me closely
[/i] yet another stepping stone to make the stable world karma left us get cluster-f@k3d
But then something happend, something not yet known. a Coup perhaps or maybe a spicy twist. Sounds like the [u]intel unit[/u] FOKed up a bit. Couple mornings later Peace was established....


This wasnt supposed to happen so Plan B was initiated. The power of this movement was not clear to even the masterminds of these puppeteers. Yet this did work out.. or well is in the process.
small stepping stones were making the Red Empire cross the sea but at a very low speed. but The Plan B gave them an advantage that the Cow Himself didnt even expect.

The Red Army came down on TOP with pounds of IRON to create even more confusion, distraction and making people go WTF...
Alas.. This is the brightest plan. a plan to demolish the hardwork of Karma and turn brothers against brothers and sisters into brothers... bunch of trans gender Bull-Feces.

So While all of us are busy bandwagoning or helping out friends.. whichever one makes you feel more comfortable.
Throwing Nukes and tearing SH\T apart. There is an Empire that is growing stronger by the day putting a veil of lies on every player and alliance and calling itself Neutral Pacific Order.... until the day it reaches the peak strength it used to possess!

and then we will all become slaves. shackled from our necks, wrists, ankles and genitals. and only doing slavery at the demands of a Monster that fakes sleep and cheats death.

So to The DAY when mankind, kinship and camaraderie will Fail. and all will hail Long Live Pacifica.............

For your Entertainement
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