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Joint Greater Pacifica - Caucasia Announcement


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A relationship left over from the EU, now cemented in writing.

Pacifican-Caucasian Defense Pact


Resolved that shared interests are indeed shared by both Greater Pacifica and Caucasia, the before mentioned hereby commit themselves to the following articles.

Article I: Sovereignty

The Sovereignty of both nations shall not be questioned or otherwise infringed upon by either. Therefore each nation will abstain from military acts of aggression, acts of espionage or the effecting of economic sanctions when such actions are directed at a signatory to this pact.

Article II: Mutual Defense

If attacked each signatory recognizes that they are obliged to recognize this attack as an attack on themselves, and therefore provide any and all requested support be it military, financial, or political. This obligation is moreover conditional to wars whereby one of the signatories to this pact is an initial point within the overall conflict, or otherwise participating within a coalition that was itself initially defensive, and not the aggressor within the war.

Article III: Optional Aggression

i) Should either signatory choose to execute or participate in a policy of aggressive war, economic sanctions, or otherwise; each signatory is encouraged but not obligated to support this policy by whatever means they deem appropriate.

ii) In the event of such a policy this article may constitute an independent legal casus belli.

Article IV: Economic & Trade Affairs

i) Both signatories pledge to eliminate tariffs on goods that are not produced within the other’s nation. Both signatories further pledge to mutually reduce, or eliminate tariffs on goods produced by already well established and competitive industry within each respective nation. Finally both signatories agree to established a standard trade code in order to foster transaction between the two nations. Such will be managed by a jointly chaired trade commission tasked to oversee and manage Pacifican-Caucasian trade relations.

ii) Both signatories are encouraged but in no way required to provide economic assistance or aid when requested.

Article IV: Cancellation

i) Should Article I, Article II, or Article IV be violated by either signatory, the counter signatory may choose to immediately dissolve this pact in its entirety.

ii) Should either nation come to decide that they no longer wish to be bound by this pact, it may be cancelled at any point. However its articles will remain in effect for 48 hours after either private or public notification of the activation of Article V.


Signed for Greater pacifica:

H.M Ryn Atrevier: RynAtreviersig-1.png

King of Greater Pacifica

Rex Pacifica

Signed for the Kingdom of Caucasia:

HRH James II

Ana Eliso, Prime Minister

First Royal Parliament

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