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G'day Mates!


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Piles and piles of varying degrees of broken pottery and woven leaves and bark of unknown origin have been washing up on shores worldwide in recent weeks. Amidst the wreckage of each pile, a single piece of parchment has been found. On it are clearly written, understandable words in your language, but in some strange, hard to understand dialect. Your nation's scholars were stumped, and your inland neighbors had to help, but they eventually deciphered it to the best of their abilities, and present you with the following:


March 4th, 1027

G'day mates! I'm sure you're wondering where this strange thing could have come from. Well, wonder no more, as that is the very purpose of this message. It comes from the land of the Ghuxarchic Society. My name is Ghux, and I am its leader. We are a group of tribes, united together for peace and prosperity in out Great Land. We have long been isolated, and in written history, we have not had foreign contact. But, during the gathering to sign the Union Pact, the ritual storytelling of all the combined tribes have shed light that there is land above our sacred Land Down Under. And so, this document is an effort to reach out and make contact with your world, so we can shout a round and get to know each other.

We must apologize for the change in style partway through this document. As you can imagine, we do not know how large the world is beyond ours, nor how far the messages must travel, so our scribe (yes, singular) was ordered to write it out a thousand thousand times. But, after completing approximately half of them, he killed himself, saying the cramp in his hand was more than he could bear. And so, I was trained and assigned to complete the documents.

OOC: If you haven't figured it out by now, I'm in Australia. EDIT: Added inland neighbor part to spread the message to the non-coastal countries.

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The Iroquois, upon finding the message, were unsure what to make of it. They had no written language of their own, so it was all gibberish to them...at least until one middle-aged warrior who had spent some time in New France to the north recognized some patterns he had seen before. He didn't know enough to be able to read them...but he could take it to those who did.

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The scholars of Nueva Espan­ã stared blankly at the piece of paper before them. Some of them, upon close glance, realized the language to be English, and couldn't help but laugh at the flag. The location to them was unknown, and they still couldn't figure it out after staring strangely at the flag's apparent 'animal', to them it appeared like an oversized black rat. Typical jokes, thrown across this realm. The letter was later ground into compost heap, and used to make catholic crosses.

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Another, similarly discovered message was found again on the shores of the world, this time bearing a new parchment.


November 31st, 1055

Bottle message Greetings{

royal simple contact main (Copies are blargh){

Scribe.println("Hello world.")

Scribe.println("Once again, the Ghuxarchic Society is trying to reach out into the great beyond. Years ago, we sent out a message, declaring our new unity and cooperation. At first, that worked out well. Times were peaceful, food was plentiful, and tribes were cooperative. But, as the new government became established, corruption became rampant, and internal relations strained. The agendas of the tribes were different, and the largest tribes used their superfluous finances to buy the support of the smaller ones.")

Scribe.println("Our glorious leader, the mighty Ghux, became ill during this time, and died. As per the Union Pact, a vote was held by the Great Council to determine his successor. A successor was chosen from the largest tribe in the land. But, it was suspected that the vote was not legitimate. Shortly, war broke out in the Great Land Down Under. The Circle of Advisers, a group of the most trusted elders, chosen by all tribes, tried to maintain order, but soon, all of them, save myself, were killed, for supporting one side or the other. As the newest Adviser, I was appointed during the times of corruption, and, because of that, I was relatively safe. Using the little power I had left, a large wallet, and a pinch of cunning, I managed to get many small tribes to pledge their support, as well as a few larger ones. Having their extra votes stolen from them outraged the large tribes, and they amassed an army to counter mine. Eight long, harsh years of devastating battle followed. But, eventually, after a series of events I won't go into in this letter, I managed to abolish the Union Pact, and subtly establish myself as the sole power of the Great Land Down Under, under the name of Caseum Ghux.")

Scribe.println("I had complete power by the year 1044. Since then, I have created many national programs to ensure peace, unity safety, security, and yams. My personally selected Tribal Advisers have put together their knowledge, and have confirmed, as a fact, that there is land beyond our Great Land Down Under. As yet, we have not developed sufficient naval vessels to find yourselves, so we must settle for bottled messages, as had the mighty Ghux, but with a more stable design. but soon, by the end of the 60's we should be capable of traveling out beyond our small world. As soon as that technology has developed, we assure you, we will be sending out envoys to make contact.")



Scribe.println("Caseum Ghux")

OOC: These messages were written pre-MRP, but, as it takes time to float around aimlessly, they arrived in Eurasiafricamerica in the mid-1060's. Caseum Ghux is, and will remain the Ghux of the Ghuxarchic Society.

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