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A Halloween Story from the Order of the Four Leaf Clover


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A Halloween Story awaits you.....


if your brave enough....

One spooky Halloween night, ShadeyBob went trick or treating dressed as a Dirt Bag, ShadeyBob's favorite halloween costume. "Where is invisiblecola?" ShadeyBob wondered unhappily, tired of waiting. "invisiblecola is late, and I can't go trick or treating alone!"

Just then, a bush near ShadeyBob started to move! The leaves trembled and a cry rang out. ShadeyBob was frightened but bravely said, "Who's there?" Suddenly, a chaosclanlord jumped from behind the bush! Chaosclanlord shouted, "Boo! Guess who!" ShadeyBob knew who it was right away and said, Chaosclanlord you <radio edit>. You scared me! Where have you been all this time?"

Laughing, chaosclanlord said, "You're a scaredy cat! Sorry I'm late. Where is invisiblecola? There'll be no candy left for us if we wait any longer." "That's okay," ShadeyBob said. "Let's get started. I want some Halloween candy tonight!"

Chaosclanlord suggested they go east first. Several houses looked promising that way. All of a sudden a black cat ran out from under some bushes very close to their feet. The cat streaked in front of them, running very fast across the lawn. Frightened, Shadeybob and Chaosclanlord screamed in terror! Nothing else was in sight, and all was quiet. "It's only a silly old cat," chaosclanlord laughed. "It won't hurt us." ShadeyBob said with a nervous laugh, "I guess we're both scaredy cats!" "I guess we are!" chaosclanlord agreed, laughing. "But let's get going. We'll never get any Halloween candy unless we knock on some doors tonight."

Their hearts still pounding a little, chaosclanlord and ShadeyBob walked along the street. The first house they came to was creepy-looking and very old. It sat back from the street more than the other houses in the neighborhood. A long sidewalk lead up to the front porch. ShadeyBob whispered, "I think I remember somebody telling me that this house is haunted." "No way," chaosclanlord declared, confidently pushing open the gate. Suddenly, a strong gust of wind rustled the leaves of the willow tree standing nearby and a loud crash came from the porch. Both friends jumped at the noise. "It's just the wind," chaosclanlord said a little shakily. "Or maybe another cat" ShadeyBob chimed in.... half-joking. Although chaosclanlord and ShadeyBob felt a little nervous, they walked slowly through the creaky front gate and up the long sidewalk towards the front door.

The old stairs strained loudly as they climbed onto the porch. Lying on the floor of the porch was what looked a leaky cardboard box. "That's what made the loud crash we heard," chaosclanlord said. "See!?! There's nothing scary here, its just some worthless cardboard box that no one cares about. Now go knock" "Yeah, right," ShadeyBob said, "Go ahead chaosclanlord, knock on the door."

Just before chaosclandlord could knock the cardboard box started to move. Without hesitation chaosclanlord and ShadeyBob started to hit the cardboard box and then kick it 'til there was nothing but shards of cardboard all over the porch. Slowly chaosclanlord and ShadeyBob started to regain their composure and as they did they noticed something strange. A bloody blob of tissue and bone was laying where that leaky cardboard box once sat. They both looked closer and noticed that the blob was wearing the same shoes that invisiblecola always wore. With fear and terror they both ran home screaming like little girls.

And this is why we have been forced to promote ShadeyBob and chaosclanlord, not because invisiblecola died that night but because of how well they smashed that box. It shows true warrior spirit.


On behalf of the government of the Order of the Four Leaf Clover, I would like to announce the promotion and addition of the following government members:

  • ShadeyBob shall now officially be known as the 5th member to hold the alliance's highest position of Triumvir. He will be replacing Invisblecola, who has served in this position since the beginning.

The new additions to our government:

  • Chaosclanlord shall now officially be known as Minister of Defense.

I would like to thank Invisblecola for his time as Triumvir, and hope he doesn't cause too much trouble in his retirement. Also join me in congratulating all the new members of OFLC government.

Have a safe and


Happy Halloween

Order of the Four Leaf Clover

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tl;dr cardboard boxes suck

Seriously though, I couldn't think of anyone more capable to become the newest Tri of the OFLC. Shadeybob you deserve it for all the sweat, blood, and tears you've put into our little alliance.

Chaosclanlord you show great potential and I think you're going to make a great addition to our team.

Good luck to both of you in your new positions!

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