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  1. So on Sunday two bombs exploded near the finish line of the famous Boston Marathon. These blasts killed three and injured about 150 more (those numbers are still rising). The local police have now turned over the investigation to the FBI, who has investigated and says the following things about this tragedy: - The bombs were made with pressure cookers - The bombs held nails, ball bearings, and other small metal pieces - The bombs were placed in a position to where they could do the most damage The President of the United States has made a statement on this event as of the morning of 16 April, 2013. While I disagree with the Presidents policies I do think he handled this very well. He made it a point in his speech to avoid the word terrorism and instead opted to call it an act of terror which varies drastically. The FBI defines terrorism as: The unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives. Since we do not know who did this and why they did it, then by definition it cannot be qualified as terrorism yet. This act CAN however be qualified as an act of terror; the action did cause a considerable amount of terror. Im going to only offer the following as response to these events I hope this is a domestic citizen who was doing this not a foreign operative or a terrorist cell. This has the potential to spark back up the conflicts in the Middle East. With North Korea acting up now, the United States is facing the possibility of fighting two wars at once. Not only that, but if this is a terrorist cell and we surge troops again in the Middle East, the North Koreans could see this as an opportunity to step up. This is not a good situation for the US. Im a proud American, but Im not afraid to admit that despite all our big talk, we would have MAJOR problems fighting two wars in two different parts of the world. The last time anything like this happened, we had massive drafts and most men were gone from home. Of course Im referring to World War Two. At that time we were only fighting one war officially, but the war was divided into the Pacific Campaign and the Atlantic Campaign, which were almost separate wars in their own right. We do have more technology now, but it wouldnt help us when the enemy combatants are resorting to guerilla tactics (there is not much you can do when someone pops up from the side of the road and fires an RPG at your humvee or a car explodes right next to your squad). In closing I leave you with one thought Are we really prepared to fight two wars? I dont think so, so I hope this is not a foreign terrorism operation.
  2. It did not suck, I found it quite enjoyable. Granted it was not Frontline or Rising Sun, but it was a good game that had potential. They just didn't develop it to its full potential. They may decide to make it again, and if they do, they will use the lessons learned here to make the new one even better.
  3. What advertisement are you talking about!?! I never saw an ad for that, and I try to keep up with gaming news.
  4. Some interesting news stories I wish to share with you this time around. Some of you may know about them, some may not. Enjoy them anyway! The Rouge Cop In national news (U.S.A.) a former Los Angeles police officer made news headlines recently when he went on a revenge killing spree for his being fired. Among search warrants and investigating his burned out truck, the LAPD found a manifesto of what he is going to do, in the document he names specific targets of his. "This is a dangerous man" says the LAPD. While the suspect was an officer, he was trained as a S.W.A.T. sniper, when he lost his mind he had with him weapons, armor, and camping supplies. He is still at large in the area around Los Angeles and a one million dollar reward is being offered for information leading to his capture. The officer has already killed multiple people. This one kind of disturbs me folks. I can't tell you how this turns out, but I hope this guy has the rocks to not kill himself when they do find him. Then I hope they execute him in the most violent possible way, I don't like people who kill police officers. If you have any information please contact the LAPD, not just for the reward, but to help the families of his victims. The Stranded Cruise Ship Going to international news now, we head to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, where about 150 miles offshore a Carnival Cruise ship is left powerless after a fire in the engine room. The Triumph is adrift in the Gulf of Mexico about 500 miles south east of Galveston, Texas and is being tended by supply ships. Ships are moving today to pull the ship to port and make repairs. I'll be honest, I laughed when I heard this headline. Don't get me wrong, I feel a little bad for the people stranded at sea. But they are on a luxury cruise ship! As long as they are out there, might as well live it up. They will be supplied with food until tugs can come and tow them into shore, so they are not in any real danger. They are also handled by a good crew and captain, they are in no danger. The Pope Quits Pope Benedict XVI is due to resign this week citing "Advanced Age" as the cause for his retirement. This is the first time in 600 years that a pope has resigned. After Benedict's resignation on Feb. 28th, cardinals will meet to determine his successor. "Before Easter, we will have a new pope" says Rev. Federico Lombardi. Alright folks, I guess this proves that people can really quit any job out there. Pope Benedict took this job less than 10 years ago if I'm remembering correctly, and now he is resigning due to "advanced age?" Something seems wrong here. Let's hope that the next guy to hold the so called "Papal Throne" doesn't do this and lasts longer. Follow the lead of pope John Paul II and do a great job! The Blizzard of 2013 Last week, a massive blizzard raged through the northeast United States. The blizzard is the biggest on record since 1888 in the city of Boston. Schoolchildren rejoice as schools remain closed. Cleanup is underway as the city takes action to remove the snow from its streets and make travel safe again. A no travel ban was lifted across the northeast with airports and train stations opening back up. Not really anything I can say here. This caused massive problems for a lot of people, I don't like picking fun at situations like these, so I won't. Hope they recover from this quickly. Well, that is it! A couple of headlines I thought I would share with you all. I hope you found them interesting. Thanks for reading!
  5. Totally hate the new sig.

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      Don't really care...

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      Tom Marvolo Riddle

      ...erac yllaer t'ond

      This is how you feel. The opposite of what you posted.

  6. me, first person to get you in anarchy gets 3 million.
  7. Where did all the memories go? Surely if you have been playing this game as long as I have you will remember some of your first alliances. You know, the guys who when you didn’t know anything about the game took you in and taught you. Personally I think I had some great teachers, sadly though, only one or two of them are still playing this game. Some of you may remember the Order of the Four Leaf Clover, I know I do. Shame it was disbanded, but such is the consequence of having no active membership. Some of the friendliest people I knew were in that alliance, Shadeybob, Rstat1, Mydogti, and invisiblecola to name a few. Where have the times gone though? Only two of those people I mentioned are still playing the game, I still contact them from time to time, but it doesn’t have the same appeal. I guess I just want the game to return to when I was comfortable playing it. I think we can all appreciate that at one point or another.
  8. I'll give anyone who can ZI him 3 million dollars.
  9. That Winner quote, is totally taken out of context.

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    2. MrChaos


      1. Yes, we all know your Winner... thanks for admitting it.

      2. I will quote every post within ten posts of that quote... you will see that you were threatening military action and people were telling you not to so you said you had a military of 17 nations and will do what you want.

    3. Tom Marvolo Riddle

      Tom Marvolo Riddle

      Exactly. By showing just that quote, it is out of context.

    4. MrChaos


      The point of the ******* quote was to inspire a laugh at your expense with people who remember it. What you don't realize is that we all laugh at every one of your posts, why don't you do yourself a favor and learn the ropes before demanding "total power over a sanctioned alliance" or any alliance for that ******* matter?

  10. "Morality is contraband in war." - Ghandi

  11. Well said good sir, I think that you have summed up the point I was trying to get across in a more eloquent manner than I could have done. Thank you.
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