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a Polish-BBC leaked Story


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In a rather sudden development, The governmental officials of the Duchy of Poland have been removed from office by Duke Jan Sobieki Kalsac I under the crime of cowardice and treason against the Duchy of Poland for accepting the American Confederation Terms of Peace in regards to the Venezuela Affair. The old has been replaced with new officials and the American terms of Peace have been effectively cancelled by the new government. The New government however will concede to the American government in terms of ceding the territories of Venezuela to the Americans, however no Polish lands shall be overrun by the Americans and the Duchy of Poland will remain a free and sovereign state under Polish sovereign rule.

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"The Duchy of Poland is fully prepared to go to war if need be, the government does not ever recognize the peace accords made by the traitors"

"Traitors? We never were your allies. We had nothing to betray.

As of this moment, a state of war exists between Poland and America. As last time, we will accept naught but unconditional surrender."


200,000 AC Army troops and 100,000 AC Marines are being prepped to head to Europe.

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OOC: was referring to the government who signed the treaty.

IC: All Classified

"The recalled totals of 450,000 total troops from the South American theatre return to the Polish homeland and prepare defences and massive lines of bunkers and other defences. In addition 700,000 crack troops have been mobilised from the Polish Reserve and will be ready within the day, they will deploy along the borders of Poland. In addition mines, barbed wire, sea mines and other defences have been deployed along the coast to defend against a seaborne invasionary force."

On Military Production:

"The Polish Government in preparation for the coming war do announce the laying of mines upon the borders of Poland, in addition barbed wire fencing as well as concrete pillboxes and bunkers shall be constructed. In addition to this measure anti aircraft batteries and SAM missile sites shall be constructed and deployed."

"Mass rushed production has also began on the new model 88mm anti aircraft gun. these guns are based off old ZSU-23-4 "Biała" model mobile anti aircraft weaponry systems. The system has also proved effective versus infantry. the facilities that are constructing the weapons are going to be the first to receive the defencive benefits therein. Also the antiaircraft guns will be placed along the front lines of battle. Estimates are that some 35,000 units should be ready in 4 days time"


The factories that were constructed on previous occasions at locations that were named in previous posts have today announced the finished products:

2,000 Leopard 2 Main Battle Tanks

1,000 KTO Rosomak AFV's

1,000 PT-91 Twardy Main Battle Tanks

These new forces that were deployed ready for combat will be stationed along the Polish Border.

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OOC: You just spent $107 billion on 25,000 tanks. And somehow had enough factories to produce them (a 'regular' tank factory might produce 40 tanks/month.

Real-life Poland has like less than 300 of them. D: I think you just built more than the number of active tanks on earth...

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What do you call sherman tanks in world war 2?

OOC: Crap. Shermans could be wiped out by a Panzer or Tiger.

Also, 11,000 tanks in 15 days is still way unrealistic, both numerically and in time span. I think the RL United States has only...8,000 M1s. And Poland definitely doesn't have the resources to build 11,000 tanks.

5,000 Leopard 2 tanks @ USD $4,508,353 = $22,541,765,000

That's already twice as much as the Polish military budget. I can't find the prices of the Twardy or the Patria AMV, so I'll estimate.

1,000 Patria AMVs @ USD $2,000,000 = $2,000,000,000

1,000 P-91 Twardys @ USD $3,500,000 = $3,500,000,000

Total: $28,041,765,000

I'm still calling shens on this.

IC: **Classified**

Troops delayed; alternate course of action chosen.

Two B83 nuclear missiles are being prepared for use.

Targets: Warsaw, Poland, Duchy of Poland and Minsk, Belarus, Duchy of Poland

**Private to Poland**

"We are prepared to use nuclear force. Surrender now and avoid the deaths of millions."

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