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A Swift Kick and Take

Voodoo Nova

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The foundation of any takeover was simple. A leader must step up and take control.

In the Commonwealth, the dual monarchy system was failing, and crime was still on the rise. The Judge System was created recently by Eustace Fargo, special government prosecutor for street crime, to combat the rising tide of violent crime and to speed up the process of justice. While there was some protest in the Sejm and the Senate over the idea of abandoning due process, they voted in favor and King Raczynski, who supported Fargo's plan, put it into action in his territory a few months ago. Following the recent government’s failed attempt to stop the riots and chaos, the Judges overthrew the Dual Monarchy of the Commonwealth and seized power, with unusual popular support, and the chief judge became the country's ruler.

The chief judge is Chief Judge Griffin, a man of character and ability, was the former principal of the Academy of Law. He trained whole generation of the nation’s judges before recently being voted in by the Council of Five to be Chief Judge.

The Council will be the highest lawmaking body of Commonwealth and has sovereign power. It is also the court which tries Commonwealth judges who are accused of breaking the law. A unanimous verdict will be required to convict. Members of the Council are appointed or dismissed by the chief judge. The chief judge chairs council meetings and has the right of veto; and if the offices of chief judge and deputy chief judge are both vacant, the Council will choose the new chief judge from among themselves.

Chief Judge Griffin appears on television screens across Commonwealth. He was a man of few words, believing action to be a better indicator of one's intentions.

"People of the Commonwealth, after the recent takeover of the Commonwealth, I have been voted into the position of Chief Judge by the Council of Five. The current Council of Five is

* Chief Judge Griffin

* PSU Judge Niles

* Tek-Judge McTighe

* SJS Judge Buell

* Judge Hollister

This marks a new era for the Commonwealth, a prosperous one."

The television screen went back to its regular programming following the Chief Judge’s speech.

After his short speech, Chief Judge Griffin walked back into the halls of the Headquarters of the government, known as the Grand Hall of Justice. He sat down in his office that overlooks a few blocks of the city. He looked out at the city. He pulled out a stainless steel tin, the size of a film canister. He tipped it and a couple pills fell out. He swallowed both with a swig of water and turned his chair around to face his desk. He picked up the phone and called the head of the SJS, and his fellow Council member, Judge Buell.

“Exile the king and his family. I do not care where you send them; I do not care for the condition they are in when they get there. I would then like it if you would seek out vocal supporters of the former king and send them to the Iso-Prison.”

He hung up the phone and looked out the window again.

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