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Orange Destruction Network


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Yeah, we're here too.

The Citrus Declaration v3.0


We all like violence and other cool stuff. We're here to make everyone else learn to love the bomb too.

Article I: How We Roll

We like to blow !@#$ up. Not blowing !@#$ up can get you in trouble.

Article II: Who's in charge?

Two overlords, and however many underlords they want. Fifteen people can get together to impeach an overlord.

Article III: The End

The end.

Ratified on August 26, 2009

Me (Smoothie), and Virillus are in charge. Meet us in #odn-te if you want something. Our forums are at:


Oh, we have an MDP with GATO. Don't mess. We'll defend them, they'll defend us, and hell, maybe we'll attack you.

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I'm a giant hamster. You will fear me and this odd orange thingy.

(Mods, this is relevant. It's an inside joke.)

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