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The event that shocked and changed a nation

Markus Wilding

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02:05 PM

Outside the Oklahoma City Bank, 301 N. Harvey Avenue


"Locked and loaded, boss."

"Let's do this."

The main doors to the bank were quickly kicked down. "Everyone on the floor NOW!" A man with a mask and sunglasses held a gun, and three others with masks and sunglasses also came in, armed with shotguns and assault rifles. A clerk began going for the silent alarm, but the masked men quickly stopped her. "Ah, ah, ah. We on't want anyone hurt, now do we? Get down, and don't move." By this time, everyone was on the floor and security had been alerted. "Drop your weapons!" The guard was armed with a small pistol. "Yeah, we'll drop 'em." Instead of dropping it, the leader shot the guard and any others that followed. "Anybody else wanna get wise??" He looked around the bank at all the scared faces in front of him. Beneath his mask, a smile appeared. He was in control, and there wasn't anything they could do about it.

02:18 PM

Inside the Oklahoma City Army Base, Location Classified

"Sir, might wanna take a look at this." Colonel Matison went over to the satellite monitoring stations. "What is it Private?" The private indicated the Oklahoma City Bank. "Four armed men just went inside, according to the satellites. Wanna deploy the military?" Matison looked it over. Too small of a job for the military, he thought. "No. I'll contact the police." He went into his office and phoned the Oklahoma City police headquarters. "Yes, Oklahoma PD? Oklahoma City Military base, satellites picked up four armed men entering the Oklahoma City Bank, we have reason to believe that a robbery on ongoing."

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02:30 PM

Oklahoma City Police Headquarters, 408 N Robinson Ave

"122-County, en route to Oklahoma City Bank, copy." Dispatch confirmed that was where the officer was headed, and several more joined in. They didn't think the men were armed with assault rifles and shotguns, the police thought they probably had a pistol or two at the most. "122-County, approaching bank, units 173 and 409 behind me." The officers arrived, grabbed their pistols, and set up. One with a bullhorn yelled, "Come out with your hands up! We have the bank surrounded. Come out peacefully and you will not be harmed."

A passing news helicopter captured the events unfolding and news station all over the world would be tuned in to the developing standoff.

02:58 PM

Inside the Oklahoma City Bank

"WHO CALLED THE COPS??" The bank robbers were clearly furious. "WHO WAS IT?! WAS IT YOU?!" He aimed his gun at a terrified man. "N-N-No! I-I-I don't even own a ce-cell phone!" The robbers picked up the clerk they had stopped before. "Maybe it was her, eh boss? Whaddya say we show what happens when they disobey our orders?" The boss turned his attention to the clerk and he said, "Sure. Put her by this column here, make sure the cops can see her clearly by the window."

02:59 PM

Outside the bank

"What's going on?" "Is that a civillian??" One officer approached the window. "Yeah, it's a civillian!" Suddenly her head exploded, leaving blood all over the window. "Woah! What in the-?!" The officers were all suprised. "AGAIN, COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP! DO NOT HARM ANY MORE CIVILLIANS!"

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OOC: Weakling cops. :P Keep it up.



"Damnit!", exclaimed an elderly Vinilandese as he watched the assailant execute the clerk, "If those guys were carrying guns, then those $%&@ers would've been shot dead before they could do anything. That's why lawful citizens must have the right to bear arms."

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Gena Korsunsky was eating breakfast when the CAU News came onto the television, displaying the robbery. When he saw the brutal execution of the clerk he snapped, "Damn cowards. Killing an unarmed civilian." at first he wanted to call the CAU , then decided against it and continued watching.

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Gena Korsunsky was eating breakfast when the Yacranian News came onto the television, displaying the robbery. When he saw the brutal execution of the clerk he snapped, "Damn cowards. Killing an unarmed civilian." at first he wanted to call Yacrania, then decided against it and continued watching.

OOC: This be the CAU. :P

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Gen. Mohammed Faraz was taking a well earned rest from the troubles in Xinjiang when he saw the news flash about the hostage situation in Oklahoma.

He immediately picked up his phone.

"Control Room? This is the Commander. There is a situation in Oklahoma. Record the tapes and alert the SWAT Directorate. It always helps to monitor such events to boost up our own preparations."

He cut the call and resumed watching the TV.

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Ulrica, the Zargathian Chief of Security, was watching television when the report of the robbery came on. As the clerk was executed, she chuckled.

- "!@#$@#$ loose cannon retards... They'll have the place stormed before they can blink. Should be fun to watch."

She then got up to make a sandwich and grab a cold one from the fridge, preparing herself for another amusing episode of police brutality. No way those guys were going down quietly after this one.

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OOC: Meh, they havent called in the Swat yet, thats when it gets good.

Also.. Weakling cops? :(

OOC: Technically there is no SWAT team, at least not yet. :awesome:


03:04 PM

Outside the Oklahoma City Bank

"We can't handle this on our own. All we have are pistols, and they have god-knows-what in there. Call up the Colonel."

03:07 PM

Inside the Oklahoma City Army Base

"Yes, what is it? ...The robbery? What about it? I thought you could handle it...aw crap..." Colonel Matison slammed the reciever down and yelled inot the other room, "GET THE ARMY OVER TO THE BANK NOW!" Army men scrambled all over, announcing over the PA system "Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta squads, assemble NOW! THIS IS NOT A DRILL! I REPEAT, THIS IS NOT A DRILL!" The squads quickly assembled, and the Colonel began breifing them. "Men, there is a hostage situation down at the bank. Now, before you ask me if that's a job for the police, it is. They can't handle it, so we need to go in. Do your best not to harm any civillians, understand? Breach through the back door here, and guys, remember rule #1."

03:17 PM

A block from the bank

"I can't believe this is happening." A private looked over and said "What? The robbery?" The Sergenat looked back at him, looked away and said, "No. That we're being deployed to fix this.

03:19 PM

Outside the bank


03:20 PM

Behind the bank, in the news helicopter

"Hey, you guys catching this? Well, it looks like they called the army in...wonder what they'll do next."

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Anderson frowned, the only evidence of the disgust he felt inside at the execution of the clerk. "Damn criminals. At least our citizens have the right to bear small arms--and have at least one year of military training...would have prevented something like this from happening."

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"Director John Fedfor of the National Police Force (OOC: Kitex's version of the FBI) watched the robbery and was having a generally good time until the clerk was executed. He then became somewhat saddened, but continued to watch."

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03:21 PM

Inside the bank

"Get behind the counters." The leader of the four hopped over behind the clerk's desk row. "Uh...why?" The boss looked at him and yelled sternly, "Because then we won't get shot up! Get behind here, ya moron! And get ready to fire in 3...2...1..."

03:22 PM

Outside the bank

"Yeah, I don't think they'll last lo-" The officers sentence was cut short by a bullet from the bank's windows. "Holy!" Officers drew their pistols and returned fire. "Keep their heads down! Those army boys better get in there fast!" 3 more officers were hit.

03:23 PM

Behind the bank

"You guys hear that?" One got up to the door. "Yeah. Ready guys? Stack up!" The soldier took the door down with two shots from his shotgun and kicked it in. "Breaching breaching! Go go go!" The squads made their way in. "Charlie, flank upstairs. Delta, get to the other side. Bravo, get upstairs opposite of Charlie. Go!" Alpha squad made their way to the main bank level. "Get down on the ground NOW and drop your weapons!" The leader of the burglars grabbed a hostage nearby and held a pistol to his head. "Let me out without harm, or he dies! You three, go!" The other robbers began shooting at the army, leaving bullet holes in the glass and walls.

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The other three robbers were killed instantly, leaving only 2 military casualties. "FOR THE LAST TIME, LET ME GO!" The robber waved his pistol around, aiming at random people. Leader of Alpha Squad, SSgt. Nichols, said "Stand down. Let him through." He instantly ran outside and threw the clerk in a car. He started the engine and raced off. "Dammit! 24-County, suspect leaving bank in white sedan. He has a gun and a hostage, repeat, gun and hostage."

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