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Royal Decree No. 1

Il Terra Di Agea

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Royal Decree No. 1

By the order of His Majesty Harald V of The Kingdom of Norway, Norway hereby declares neutrality in all matters foreign and local for the protection of the nation and preservation of European cultures.

“In these tremulous times, where large scale war is no doubt on the horizon, Europe needs a safe haven, a voice of reason. At least one nation must stand that is dedicated to peace, rather than war, and knowledge, rather than hate. For too long, Europe has been dominated by wars, and even in times of peace, tensions still boil, and the nations remain on hair triggers of reason to declare war upon each other. I propose that we need not become part of this vicious cycle of death, destruction, and hate. We will become a nation that can truly pride it’s self as a nation wanting peace, rather than to repeat the endless cycles of combat. Now more than ever, Europe needs a voice of peace and reason to salvage what's left of the European unity we so briefly had."

"As of this moment, all Norwegian Defensive treaties are to be canceled, and no new ones will be signed in the near future, but Norway will remain a member of any economic treaties signed. The military will remain as a defensive or peace keeping force, and it will hereby be unlawful for them to act as an aggressive force. Norway will hence engage in no armed combat unless invaded. Norway will do all that is possible to maintain peace in Europe, but will not partake in the affairs outside of Europe."

"This will be a new reign of peace for Norway, and hopefully Europe.”

OOC: Bored, felt like trying to be the voice of reason IC, rather than being the raving lunatic I usually am.

After all, even when I inevitably fail at this, it will at least be interesting ;)

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Mr. Oates mentioned the Norway Affair in passing, during a speech about trade opportunities around the world, "as for Norway, we appauld her neutrality and recognize that this will bring about a new age of stability in the European market. I encourage my fellow Assembly members to work with the Norwegian government to help exploit their North Sea resources ."

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