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nem⋅e⋅sis [nem-uh-sis]

–noun, plural -ses

1. something that a person cannot conquer, achieve, etc.:

2. an opponent or rival whom a person cannot best or overcome.

Nemesis is a young, mid-sized alliance on the black sphere. If you’re looking for a home on Planet Bob please take a look at what we have to offer and consider applying at our forums: http://www.cn-nemesis.net

Advantages of joining Nemesis:

* Experience in Government: An exemplary track record and excellent communication with general membership about issues regarding the alliance and Planet Bob as a whole. At Nemesis, every member's voice is heard.

* Peerless membership: Many members have had Gov positions in various alliances before joining Nemesis. If you’re looking for a place to learn the finer points of being a ruler or wish to converse with experienced leaders, we have the knowledge to help. Nemesis doesn't have the highest number of members, but in terms of activity we are second to none. If you have concerns or questions that you need a fellow members input on, there WILL be someone listening to help you (more likely a couple dozen people). Whether you are a veteran to the game or a new nation just getting the hang of things, you will have a home at Nemesis.

* Good alliance size: Big enough to have all the perks of larger alliances, small enough that everyone counts. You will not become lost in an endless sea of membership, nor will you endure empty forums lacking activity -- Nemesis won't ever strive to be the largest alliance in the game ... just the best.

* Applicant Q&A and pre-screen: Nemesis utilizes a Q&A system to pre-screen all applicants as we emphasize quality over quantity when it comes to our membership, so your potential membership at Nemesis will be something to be proud of. Don't be afraid though, our Q&A isn't strictly business, we focus on getting to know you instead of how well you know game mechanics. :P Once accepted as a member of Nemesis, your opinion on applicants will be factored into the application process so you will always be a part of that decision as well.

* Freedom of Speech: At Nemesis, free speech isn’t just tolerated, it’s encouraged. Membership has a wide range of opinions about issues and enjoy the freedom to speak their minds. Nemesis strives to have active, intelligent, and independent thinking members. Whether speaking on issues internally or externally, your opinion is yours and you are free to voice it as you see fit.

Please feel free to drop by our IRC channel at #cn-nemesis or head to http://www.cn-nemesis.net and post an application. Any further questions you have about our alliance are welcome.

Thank you.

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Unlike some alliances which have logjams of people at certain positions making it very difficult to advance, Nemesis has scheduled elections for Deputy positions.

Hard work is rewarded at Nemesis and you won't have to wait around month after month for people to notice.

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But seriously..we help each other grow, we defend our members with unprecendented tenacity, our free speech policy borders on insubordination, we are 3-0 in wars against other alliances (two, way bigger than us), and we have the famous "Cliche Hot Chick Thread" on our forums. Run, don't walk, to join NEMESIS.

This message approved by the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs. (ok, that's me..)

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We're active on IRC, we're active on the forums, we're active in alliance discussions, we're active in spam, we're active in talking about what movie you should go see this weekend.

We're knowledgeable, prepared, competent, and will go to the wall for something we believe in.

What more could you ask from an alliance?

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