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    Great Pine, WOLLEMI.
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    I like my garden....my native plants keep me occupied outdoors. The PC is just when I need to rest the ol' legs.

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  1. Thanks to the dedicated people that work this out every month.
  2. Well...sounds like you have invested considerable time in that rationale of yours. Enjoy.
  3. Good to see those fighting nations being rewarded. Tech is just redistributed within Sparta...great terms. Well done.
  4. I've returned...why...who the hell knows.

  5. Selling tech 6/100. Experienced player who has returned to CN. Don't know why. Routinely online, so show me the money! Nation link here Only proviso, if you do not collect your tech in 10 days thats your fault, not mine.
  6. Joined these forums October 2007...ARE YOU KIDDING?

  7. Not wishing to be at odds with some of my friends but as a former long term Avalanchian there was always that recognition of the risk of being a peripheral target whilst allied to NpO via an MDoAP during any war. DBDC had already hit richc3 (Avalanche's #1 - now in PM) way on earlier in the piece so Avalanche would have been well and truly aware of the strong likelihood of pre-emptive attacks or war. As to whether these wars are right or wrong, I really have no issue with them myself. Good luck Avalanche!
  8. I thought you were in igloos....check the bar out in mine.
  9. Avalanche alliance are going for gold in Sochi. B-)
  10. Blue team: Avalanche have new forums at http://avalanche-cn.net/ you will find that the current link you have (www.ski-lodge.net) is no longer working.
  11. Links fixed on the OP. Join these guys & gals people...they are good folk.
  12. Right so you are unable to defend the indefensible so you have to resort to checking my posts...you truly are a joke. Please stop posting.
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