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    Great Pine, WOLLEMI.
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    I like my garden....my native plants keep me occupied outdoors. The PC is just when I need to rest the ol' legs.

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  1. Thanks to the dedicated people that work this out every month.
  2. I've returned...why...who the hell knows.

  3. Joined these forums October 2007...ARE YOU KIDDING?

  4. I am in disbelief that we actually have trouble makers in the CN community.
  5. I am a cripple

  6. best profile pic ever

  7. Incorrect, I think this is relevant and obviously the subject matter has bored you enough to get your attention. The fact is that CN used to be 28k a few months ago and slowly numbers are dwindling. And the OP is correct, the loss in members has been constant, despite the incentives offered to attract members. So at what stage should this be discussed? This is a good time instead of leaving it until we are under 10k, and admin reach a point where it is no longer feasable to support. There are two issues to the topic of membership numbers, 1. Retention of current members; and, 2. Attraction of new members. With each of these come a number of different points or strategies to discuss.
  8. Be honest, have you ever been to a haberdashery?

  9. Hi Vilien, I just wanted to visit you.

  10. is at www.ski-lodge.net

  11. www.ski-lodge.net

    Avalanche 2.0

  12. Yeah, i love that flag. :)

  13. Nice personal photo.

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