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DOA has gone a-lookin

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So pretty much there's no one active in DOA. And yet we still have a 6-person government. We need more active peoples. So I decided to get meself a deputy. And hopefully some more active people.

If you want to help DOA out in the war department, PM Ghuxalia here, caesar augustus ingame, or Ghux at the DOA forums with the following:

Nation Name:

Nation Ruler:

Nation Link:

Current Alliance and Position:

Previous Alliances and Positions:

How active you are:

Why you want to be in DOA:

How much you know about CN:

Other random stuff i'm forgetting/too lazy to post here:

All applications are private.

Edit: [voice=singing]we're an oxymoron![/voice]

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See this will work for Nemesis because they're almost 100% active. I don't see it working for a self-proclaimed inactive AA.

well it's easier than recruiting new people and hoping they're active. laziness > hard work.

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