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Dear Miss Sarah


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OOC:Cleared by Sarah.



Miss Sarah Tintagyl, Lady Protector of the Hanseatic Commonwealth:

We, the people of the northern area of the Australian part of the Hanseatic Commonwealth, now refered to as “Aiginor Republic”, are dissatisfied with your leadership. Your policies are admirable, and your cause is just, but we not longer wish to pursue that cause under your leadership. We will not fight for our freedom, though. We simply ask that you grant our independence so that we may live in peace together. If the request for independence is granted, we will set up a government in line with your beliefs of peace.

The primary reason for our dissatisfaction in you is your actions in the war against the Greater Nordlandic Reich. While honorable, they ended with much death here at home. We do not wish for any more death, and we do not wish to be lead under you.

Therefore, we ask for the area pictured following this sentence be allowed to split from the Hanseatic Commonwealth and form their own nation and government.


Thank You.

Signed for the people of Aiginor,

Kyle Lucas


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The letter caused utter shock waves throughout the halls of the Diet. How was this possible? How did it slip under the radar? How could people just seemingly let this happen? Senators crouched over in shaded huddles and asked themselves the same questions. People had shown their full support for the war, naturally there had been death, there was always death in war. But secession?

Light clicks sounded on the white marble floors of the Diet as Senator Ernst Van Dorf, knocked quietly on the doors leading into the Lady Protector's quarters. He held the letter from Lucas in a shaking hand. "Your Ladyship. I have something that you might want to take a look at." Sarah didn't face him, only her chair moved back and forth as she looked out at the gray skies hovering over Brisbane that evening. "Your Ladyship?"

She waved her hand without care. "I already saw the letter Ernst. There's no need to read it again."

"They said they want to withdraw in peace, but the idea of secession to begin with?"

"Well we have two options. We either march in with guns blazing and restore order and reclaim the territory...or we let them go."

"But the repercussions?"

Sarah finally turned around and clasped her hands together. "The problem is that if we attack them, we would be going against our principles that we have always upheld. Liberalism and independence go hand in hand. These are a minority of Hanseatic citizens, most likely Neo-Olympians to be honest who were not wiped out in the plague and did not travel with Abigail Johns to the Arabian Sea. I would imagine that the repercussions of bringing them back into the fold would be much worse."

"So we're giving them independence."

"We're giving them a chance." She got up from her chair and walked towards the window. "They said that they will uphold our principles for peace and security, they just want a different ruler. We can at least give them that, because I doubt that the rest of the country would approve my stepping down because of a small enclave of dissenters." She chuckled.

"Of course Milady. How do you think the rest of the country will take it and the world for that matter?"

"The world will either condemn them or praise them and the people, we'll they aren't really losing anything so, I doubt they'll care too much about some small towns in Northern Australia. Plus this will filter in more people to Brisbane. So perhaps this will end well for all of us."

"Very good Milady."


TO: Kyle Lucas

From: The Desk of Sarah Tintagyl, Lady Protector of the Hanseatic Commonwealth

Dear Mr. Lucas,

I have recently received your peoples desire to separate from the Commonwealth. You must know the distress that this brings to my mind, as the world will no doubt take this as instability in our nation. However, I know the case that that is not relevant. Your wishes are just. Not everyone was prepared as I was for the war against Nordland and the amount of death that resulted from the attacks on Brisbane. I am writing this letter to confirm your wishes, as Hanseatic troops have already begun to pull out from your region. I wish you luck in your endeavor but I offer this warning as well.

I am allowing this in the spirit of peace and prosperity, do not attempt to unlawfully expand or make war on my neighbors. If you do, you will feel the full might of the Hanseatic army and our allies and the area will be reinstated back under my control. Consider this your experiment, your trial run. Good luck and welcome to the world stage.


Sarah Tintagyl,

Lady Protector of the Hanseatic Commonwealth

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OOC: Oho, you have a border with Promised Land...invasion tiem? :ph34r:


OOC: Hmm...an intriguing idea...nah.

OOC: Thats is why I do not border Promised land ;)

OOC: What, afraid of rogue invasions? Actually, you do, in a manner of speaking. Those two islands.

OOC: Now that you have put their mind at ease invade while they sleep. :v:

OOC: If anyone does that, it'll be me. IF...

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