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Finally we sail

Lord Zephyr

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OOC: the Eritrean SSF goes inactive today, so I'm going to liberate them, if desouza comes back and wants it I'll give it to him.

IC: The 8,000 soldiers posted at Jizan a few days earlier were now landing at the coastal cities of the ESSF. The capital buildings were found abandoned and citizens were distraut and wondering what to do. All means of communications were seized temporarily in the country and a message was broadcast:

Attention citizens of the ESSF. We of Raochin have come to help you where your past leaders have failed. We bring food, medical supplies, protection, and stability. I am your temporary Governor, Duke Justin Hammad, and I, with the help of the great Royal Empire of Raochin, will help you in these troubled times.

Now I declare this land the First Province of Raochin, the Eritrean Province.

Duke Hammad stepped down from the podium he was standing on and communications in the nation were restored to normal. The duke then sat down at a nearby table and consulted the military commander of the operation.

"So how are we doing so far?" He asked.

"The people are taking well, though some don't want the change. However there have been no violent reports yet. The nation didn't really have enough time to get to know its leaders before they dissapeared." The General in charge responded.

"If things do get violent the Aether Empire said they would provide assistance as well yes?"

"That is correct my lord."

"And if the original leaders come back?"

"We will leave as planned and hand the government over to him, it should be a nonviolent transaction."

"Very well then, I want to hear first if anything happens, for now, I will be in the chambers of this building. I'm sure Emperor Zephyr is already planning to build another castle hear but I'd like to get as comfy as possible in the mean time."

The general nodded and the Duke retreated to the room he had picked out of the capitol building to be his sleeping chambers. About 2,000 troops were around the building, and 500 royal guard, 100 with Battle steel armor, were patrolling the streets of the capitol, mainly to show off our power, but also as a deterrent for any violence that may occur.

OOC: ok map coming soon, wanna see how this does.

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Transmissions came in via private channels to Raochin.

Al-Asad: Von Zak wishes to know if we are cleared for air-fly overs we wish to use the X-13s for surveillance purposes in the region. We are also affirming our military support and backing of this operation. Tensor industry air-transports can also allow for the transportation of goods into the region as well. If there is trouble give us ring, operation Vulture has given us some new interesting technologies and if need be we are willing to give them a try.

Meanwhile in the Aether Empire, X-13s were awaiting orders to fly out, the planes were being decomissioned for new jet-engine based fighter planes in a massive purchase as ordered by Zarfef. However, the new planes were still being outfitted and only a few images had yet been seen... they were a precursor of sorts to Ziggies project to develop a 5th generation fighter plane for the Aether Empire...

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Private back to Aether:

Duke Hammad: We will call you when we need you. Fly overs are fine. Just don't do anything that might scare the citizens too much. Nothing deadly, nobody is to sustain any injury beyond a few bruises.

All transports from your country are currently being accepted with some light inspection from my troops upon arrival. Again we must thank you for your support and anything we can provide for you is yours.

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As the response came in the word was given and flights from the Aether Empire began to take off, the airplanes mostly checked out locations intel suggested might hold defensive positions or rebel camps from the former regime with border patrols also authorized to check for potential "external threats". The only thing firing however were cameras on board constantly snapping pictures for intelligence to gather... and Zarfef to consider for his own potential locations of secret lairs...

Meanwhile in the city, with twin X-13 escort each, Tensor Transports began to arrive with medical supplies and construction equipment to help maintain and produce needed infrastructure in any reconstruction efforts that might be required. One of the transports contained four strange vehicles though, and crew with a note...

(These are theoretical test vehicles developed by Tensor Industries for crowd control... they tell us they are the tasers of the masses... if needed, they may prove useful. You may order them as you see fit.)

There data is available in the factbook:


Edited by Zarfef
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Promised Land holds no objection to this. When a a neighboring nation falls into anarchy, it is the responsibility of its neighbors to ensure it does not remain in that state.

We echo Promised Land's sentiments.

OOC: Nice COD4 reference there :awesome:

OOC: lul :awesome:

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*As stated in the ISoA thread*

An additional 6,000 troops have been dedicated to the area of the red sea coast that the ISoA owned previously, and our aircraft are making flyovers to protect the region from any invaders. The above territory will be considered apart of the Eritrea province until further notice.


Area I'm liberating.

OOC: Yay, I finally get what I originally claimed but couldn't have because of the ESSF and lack of SoI. Yay for inactiveness!

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