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A few announcements

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First off, CDN merged into FK. Its a little merge so i felt it didnt require its own topic and this is easier too.



For all nations of both signatories, Coalition of Defensive Nations (CDN, and Fallen Knights(FK), come together under one alliance affiliation, Fallen Knights.

Article I - Membership

All nations under the "Coalition of Defensive Nations" alliance affiliation must switch their alliance affiliation to "Fallen Knights". Also they have to sign-up and post an application on our forums at http://www.fallen-knights.22web.net

Article II - Team Color

All nations in CDN must change their team color to Purple. Exceptions may be given upon request for CURRENT trades only.

Article III - Tech Deals

Every nation under the "Coalitions of Defensive Nations" AA must end their tech deals and begin dealing with nations under the "Invicta" AA. They can also deal with TOP, GUN, and Gremlins.

Article IV - Wars

Wars with CDN will be terminated immediately, aggressors will have up to 24 hours after reading warning messages to declare peace, for defenders if they are unaligned we will let the war expire or peace out.

Article V - Government

Any CDN nation is entitled to run for or be appointed to a Government position not already filled, or any deputy minister position.

Article VI - Rules

All CDN nations are hereby, after this treaty is signed and posted, to abide by FK's charter and rules put forth.

Article VII - Inter-alliance Aid

All CDN nations are entitled to any aid able to be given by FK at the time.

Signed For By Fallen Knights

xR1 Fatal Instinct - President

Nascar8Fanga - Vice President

Eddy - Chief of Staff

GeorgeIV - Minister of War

Signed For By Coalition of Defensive Nations

Bomberboy - Leader

Second, we are over a month old 37 days old today.

Thirdly, We have been having trouble with Dan Marino and Chris Hansen. They have been taken care of accordingly with some losses to the alliance in Nation Strength.

This is all for now. Thanks for everything Planet Bob its been fun this far with all your surprises.

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What a shocker. :mellow:

Congratulations on the merge, hope it goes well for you.

You would think they would learn eventually.

It's like getting surprised when kobi, or even I for that matter, leave.

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