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Independent Republic of Orange Nations ( IRON )

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Independent Republic of Orange Nations

The Independent Republic of Orange Nations is Currently the #3 Alliance in all of Cyber Nations and is the #1 Alliance on the Orange Team Sphere! If your looking or want a great Alliance with a great Community come join IRON!

IRON has a lot to Provide to Nations whom are Accepted into IRON. Here are a few!
1. Though we don't offer Start-Up Aid we Provide Nation Growth Programs (Billions of Dollars have been given to Newer Nations that have done The Programs since inception)! IRON Guarantees a Steady and Increasing Income for your Nation!
2. IRON offers Outstanding Military Protection! So if your Attacked we Attack back Threefold!
3. If you need help with your Nation on anything we have a Mentor Program in which someone is there to Help you when you need it!
4. If you're in need of trades, we can help you with no less then three differen't programs run by The Factory (Trading Area)
5. IRON has its own off-site Forums just like many other Alliances here in CN! It's also Active by Membership on a daily basis so you can get to know the whole community if Desired!
6. Also, Together with our Loyal Allies and Friends we have a very Interactive Experience for those whom are interested in an experience like that?

If you would like to find out more about IRON like our History you may visit this Wiki Page http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Independent_Republic_of_Orange_Nations'>Independent Republic of Orange Nations Wiki!
Also no need to not Join because we are on the Orange Team Sphere. The Orange Team Sphere is one of the Strongest Color Spheres! The Orange Sphere is Very Stable and it's just a Color and a Color that is well Liked!

To Join IRON please visit our IRON Forums http://www.ironcentral.org'>Click Here!
You will be taken to our Front Page. We Require Everyone to Register in Order to View our Forums. You will need to use you EXACT RULER NAME from Cyber Nations. Password may be whatever you want!

If you have any Questions its best to reach me VIA Private Message. Here is my Nation Link http://http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=533730'>Gylfaginning!
I am fairly Active so i usually will get back to you within 24 Hours. Usually much sooner!

Thank You,



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If you need help, mentoring, or any other sorts of reasonable aid, we are there for you!

We are a strong, reasonable, honorable, reactive, and mature alliance!

If you have an ambition to do well and rise up, also opportunities will be given to those whom seek!

IRON indeed is a place to be in the Planet Bob! :D

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Just like I said in the Original post if anyone has any Questions please contact me in-game my Nation is named Imperiex so drop me a line and i'll get back to you as soon as I can!

Join IRON!

General DRU ZOD

Recruiting Director

Admissions Admin

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If you are looking to grow your nation and get the most out of your cybernation experience, join IRON. We are a close community where you will make friends quickly and learn how to play the game from the best.

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as someone once put it: IRON is a large-sized alliance with a small alliance feel. in other words, you get the benefits of a large alliance(protection, excellent aid programs, etc.) along with a tight-nit community.

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