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  1. You were always an idiot and continue to be an idiot, even more so when you lie to yourself. The fact is that no switching was planed, period. One would have expected that you'd at the very least have the decency not to be an idiot and repeat stupidity in public. Not a tale Centuries, you are at liberty to disregard what I said. But it is not a tale.
  2. This is going to be inconvenient for you, but no I didn't. The Republic did not plan to pull a side-switch and unless you were a member of the IRON Council a the time you might want to stop telling stories to yourself.
  3. I used the same hyperbole, if you will, that icewolf did when he said that IRON was unaware of this. Which clearly wasn't the case. So if you have a problem with it, take it up with him, mkay :P Apart from that ... jeez Shah >.< EDIT: Icewolf
  4. Come now Samus :P Random member nothing, take a look at his awards tab :P :P :P Secondly, at least one Councillor posted therein :P Thirdly, its in the general spam, you can hardly give it more creed than that :P :P :P But even that aside, the point stands, the Republic was in fact aware of it.
  5. Not true :P The Republic even has a line-up thread on its boards :smug:
  6. [quote name='Centurius' timestamp='1353272608' post='3054274'] You recall wrong. [/quote] His recollection (with respect to your commitment) is fine, yours not so much.
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