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Ether Announcement

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:: Walks up to the podium and stares at the reporters ::

Hello all! I'm sorry to bother you while you try to relay the battles happening a little bit aways.

:: One reporter glances at the man and goes back to his phone call ::

Thats ok, I'll just talk to myself.

I would like to announce Ether is declaring wa_ just kidding. Band-waggoning is lame. We will only fight if a signatory of NOIR declares and they ask us to, as per the ODP clause. Otherwise, we will just enjoy the show. Now to business!

On October 22nd, 2008... Evey Jane and Pmac627 got together to create an alliance called Ether. The focus of Ether is to be an economically focused alliance and a tight-knit group. So, we established our alliance with a 25 member cap. We don't recruit unless we get bored... then we send out about 25 PMs and with our excellent methods, get about 5 responses and all of them turn out to be awesome, respectable and mature members.

We have reached a few milestones today. 251,500+ NS, 1.00 Score and 14 Nations. I can't double check because the game has basically shut down every extra cool feature. Despite this, Ether has grown from the ground up with no outside help. Over our time, we have grown a total of 300,000 NS, some of which got deleted away by inactives or shipped off by a nation we grew, even though it was a temporary home for them. Further, we have taken our simplest treaty, our ToA with FACE and aided them during their war with Freak Safari. Finally, we are one of the original signatories of NOIR and continue to help make the Black team THE best team in the game. Period.

So now that I am done telling you about the high points in our alliance's life, we return you to the world events. Enjoy!




Evey Jane

Her Sexiness

Beef Supreme

Vice President

Membership of Ether


IRC: #ether (coldfront)


Summary: Ether is 6 months old today. Come party between battles!

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