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Length of Historical Information


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How far back in time are there game archives? I know admin occasionally uses some sort of record to look at people's actions to verify/disprove claims about problems/bugs, but how far back do they go?

Also, how much material is contained in them? For example, if PMs exist in archives somewhere would it not be theoretically possible to make an algorithm to find your total casualties from the entire time your nation has existed?

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From my experience with databases, going through the current live database and searching through what is there, is of course easy.

Trawling through old backups to find what is there, especially more than one, for multiple nations, I suspect would be a nightmare, but it'd depend if admin ever built the db's with doing something like that in mind (I doubt it).

I think it would be theoretically possible, to at least uncover a lot of data if not all, but I think it would just be as good to start counting casualties inflicted, tanks destroyed/lost, planes destroyed/lost etc from now and keep a field in the db which collates it...

I mean, if we can start Alliance and Team Seniority 'from now' and not mind that its not accurate right away, then I think a LOT of people would love to see this tracking from now on.

I've seen some people say 'well it disadvantages those who did alot in the past' but its something the game needs, and the longer that excuse is used as a reason not to implement it, the MORE people it disadvantages.

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Hah, another one for my sig ;)

Please do admin... lets just start from now... but not just casualties inflicted, track tanks/planes/navy as well... it would add so much with so little :)

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Should be able to just store the numbers in the database similarly to the existing attacking and defending casualties fields.

Could even use one field for all the data and delimit the values, only running the code to separate & display them on the extended nation display.

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