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Dragonisias opens new National Research Lab

Maelstrom Vortex

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Delhi India - The Chairman for the first time since his treatment, today addressed the world community without any form of coverings to shield his disfigurement from his treatment in the top secret research facilities beneath Tasmania at the unveiling of one of Dragonisia's most important and historic achievements. This was very appropriate given the purpose of the dedication. The press conference took place in in front of the building on an elevated stage where he addressed the audience.

"People of the world, the advancement of medicine.. is critical one on Bob. Given the amount of suffering induced by chemical, radiological, and biological attacks.. it is most important we learn ways to repair broken bodies, spirits, and minds. In light of my history, which this world has come to know well, I stand before you.. no longer hiding behind the masks that covered my disfigurement for your pleasure. This is to show.. that yes, you can survive if you are struck by a nuclear weapon, but it is not pretty. It is not easy, but never the less.. life can continue.. and can be worthwhile. I am stronger than I have ever been, even since before my birth thanks to the advanced capabilities of my Doctors. I may not look the same, but I am the same person. I still care for my people and have the same spirit. The fact I endured the change.. is perhaps a testament only to will. My wife's attempt to join me in my modification is what cost her, her life. A fanatic killed her during the transformation. That man paid with his life. God has given us mastery over ourselves, our personage. He created us in his image.. and that image is one that may change with the knowledge, will, and moral centering to do so. All knowledge comes from God, he allows us to have it.. to use it, when he sees we are fit to do so. Science must not advance to rapidly so that we do not understand that which we do, but all the same for the sake of our existence, easing the suffering of the human condition it must be done. It is in this spirt, of the need for progress.. for our safety, for our security, for our humanity, that I dedicate this center to the pursuit of that noble goal; the betterment of the human condition."

After the speech was completed, the department of the Interior also announced the opening of two more domestic intelligence centers in order to help lend protection to national research.. and a quarter of the National Sovereign Wealth fund vanished into what was only called "Critical National Spending" in the budget.

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*Private message from the Leclerc for Vortex*

You promised to keep secret who modified you, Vortex.

You obviously broke the promise, in public before dozens and hundreds of cameras, and I can assure you that it will cool the relations between Dragonisia and Canada considerably. The world is not yet ready for many of the things Canada can do.

But what is done is done. Neither of us can unmake what you have done there.

Merely three words I will tell you now, spoken by a wise and intelligent person: "God is dead."

You surely know who it was.

*End of*

Any replies to the message would simply not be answered.

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You are a monster. All things have an end, and the should be allowed to reach it.

OOC: Does this mean your tech share is over?

OOC: Thanks for reminding me that I have that friendship treaty.


*Classified to Dragonisia*

You can also consider our friendship pact over.

Have a nice day.

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ooc: If I can retract and re-write that I am going to because that was due to my own stupidity, not the chairmans.. or we can live with it and let it go. I'll let Lynneth what he prefers to do. I've been having a long week.

I've gone ahead and re-written this. the Chairman never would have made that comment and I've been so sick remembering details is starting to fly out the windows. Instead Dragonisia is taking all the credit to cover for it.

I hope folks would be alright in accepting this, if not I'll deal with the consequences of what has occurred.

For the moment.. *takes foot.. inserts into mouth.. and continues to attempt to type*

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A personal apology was written to LeClerc,

Dear Chairman LeClerc,

I still owe you my life. I feel so terrible for having broken the promise I made to you. I do not know what I was thinking but I assure you it was a slip of my mind and in no means intentional. I have this bad habit of wanting to give credit to those who have done such wonderful things for me and in the event of this temporary ignorance I have caused much grief between us. Such is my sorrow in this matter that I am actually considering resigning my post. If I can't remember something this simple and yet monumentally important to me personally, how can I hope to remember much else? Your confidence being shaken in me is an understatement to the measure of confidence I have lost in myself. I ask that on the behalf of my people you do not begrudge them this, but begrudge the one responsible.. and if you would like to see me retire or resign due to this situation, I would happily give that resignation. My council has already taken a confidence vote, they still want me as their leader, but fundamentally.. it is my decision on whether or not I retire.

I am actually beginning to think its time. The radiation's effects were reversed, yes, but not all damage can be undone.. and is it possible that the shark DNA is affecting my mind and memory? I'm not sure on this.. but it has definitely changed my appetite. All the same I will do anything to restore the trust lost between nations, even if it means that I step out my nation's chain of command.

Deepest regrets for the damage done to our relationship and my personal stupidity,


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A reply was sent to Maelstrom.

What do your people want?

Do they want you to resign? If so, do it. If not, then stay in power. I cannot and will not tell you what to do, regardless of what you have done.

What happened, happened, and cannot be undone. We will, however, be distancing ourselves from Dragonisia, denying everything about the genetic treatment, even if they don't believe us. It is not my confidence in you that has been shaken. It is merely the simple fact that neither you, nor any of your advisors that may've known of this, did not remember this simple and straightforward promise. That has nothing to do with a weaker brain because of a treatment or stupidity.

Your brain simply deemed the promise unimportant enough to be forgotten. That is a psychological explanation, and likely the right one.

We have repaired your brain to the greatest extent that is possible for us. It should not be affected by any of the changes we have done to you. We have tested the application of the treatment on dozens, if not more subjects before we did it on you, some with accelerated growth, others without. None have shown, even today, symptoms of braindamage or less capacity to remember things.

I will not respond to further messages for the time being.

- Leclerc

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If I thought it unimportant I would not care so much about the fact this happened. My word is my bond and I typically more than accountable for its worth. Again, I know it won't undo what is done, but I am very terribly sorry. For the sake of giving a best effort, I've done my best to cover it up on my end by having the media correct the accounts in the records and by doctoring the videos, but I know this will not repair the damage already dealt by the live broadcast. I completely understand you denying the account and we will confirm your story by indicating that my own memory failed me and that the doctors were in Dragonisia at the time of the operation and that while I was under the operation I could have easily been suffering from delusions.

Of course, most won't believe us, but I will do what I can. If you have any other ideas to help make the problems created go away, let me know.

With all sincerity,


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