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Declaration of Existence of UTF


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United Trade Federation

On behalf of the government and the membership of the United Trade Federation, I hereby declare our existence to Planet Bob.

Our Charter is quite long. Therefore, if you want to read our charter, I ask you go to the following link:


Our alliance is different compared to many alliances on Planet Bob. We are a trade alliance meaning we will be focusing on economic growth. We are not interested in war unless we are attacked upon first, forcing us to retaliate. We will remain neutral in many wars.

Our government will be run by three leaders who are:

Exar224 as Chairman of UTF

Scourge as Executive Councilor of UTF

Satsukage as Councilor of UTF

The United Trade Federation has been planned for almost 3 months. These 3 months, we have carefully planned out every single bit of how the alliance will work. We understand that our alliance is confusing on how it's run, so if you wish to understand more, you may go to:

Our Forum: http://utf.clicforum.com/index.php

IRC Channel: #UTF

The United Trade Federation will reside on the Purple Sphere and we are very proud to have been honored with a protectorate agreement by the United Purple Nations, an alliance we hold in high regard.

/o UTF

/o UPN


Protection of UTF from UPN

As of the ratification of this document the United Trade Federation (hereby referred to as UTF) is afforded full protection from aggression by UPN. UPN shall bring the full support of her diplomacy, economics, and military to bear upon those that aggressively attack UTF . An attack upon UTF shall be considered an attack upon UPN. Should UPN be attacked, any request for aid shall be considered by the appropriate UTF governing bodies, but they are under no obligation to become involved.


This treaty shall remain in place until one of several conditions are met. The first and foremost goal is to allow UTF time to grow and establish their position on Planet Bob. Should UTF attain a membership of 50 nations & 500k nation strength, then that goal shall have been achieved, and this pact shall become null. Should UTF become the aggressor in a conflict without the agreement of UPN first, then this treaty shall become null. Should UTF be involved in any asshattery as determined by the UPN government (including but not limited to spying and trolling), this treaty is to be declared null upon the ruling of the UPN government. This treaty may be canceled by either party following a 48 hour grace period starting with the notification of the other party.

Sphere Allegiance

The treaty is based on the assumption that UTF are majoritivly Purple or are taking steps to become so. If they do not the UPN is likely to cancel the treaty as described in the process above.

Signed for UPN

Altheus- Founder of the UPN

Becks for Dinner- Minister of Internal Affairs

Magister Agricolarum- Minister of Defense

DonVox- Minister of Finance

Queen Elizabeth- Minister of Recruitment

Signed UTF

Chairman Exar224

Councilor Satsukage

Councilor Scourge

Chief Justice- Anodai

Security Director- Hunablazer

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