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A New Official Flag for the UK


The new, proposed Flag of the UK  

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Realizing that a new Flag would be needed to replaced the current one, which is the official flag of the Country of Byzantium, Parliament has established a new commission to create a new Flag "more fitting as to better reflect the status of the United Kingdom and its four Countries." This was apparently done to counteract the perception of Byzantium's 'domination' within the UK. "The current flag of the UK is that of Byzantium's. Does that mean we are actually under Byzantium's dominance, and it is actually Byzantium that pulls the strings of the entire UK?" One Greek MP complained in a session of Parliament.

After days and weeks of deliberations and revising, the commission, under the aegis of the UK Flag Commission, finally unveiled the new Flag. "The purpose of the new Flag is to symbolize the equal status of all Countries within the UK. Elements from every Country flags were carefully considered as they went into the design of the flag." The head of the UK Flag Commission, Henrik Aaron, stated today to an audience in Constantinople. The new Flag is as follows:


With that, the new proposed flag is now up for public scrutiny. The UK populace will vote whether to accept or reject the proposed flag, or if some modifications should be made.


The current UK flag. It is also the flag of the Country of Byzantium.

OOC: I made that flag on MS Paint (the first one, that is). :awesome:

Also, the quorum will be 25 votes. =3

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OOC: I really do hope that you know that the flag of the United Kingdom is compromised of the three flags of England, Scotland, and the Cross of St. Patrick. It has significant historical value to anyone in the United Kingdom, and represents all three parts of the UK quite well...

IC: We do not support the making of this new flag to be the that of the UK. It has no representation of the UK, while the current one does represent it rather well.

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Polling has been closed.

Voting has now ended and the results are as follows: approximately 58% of the UK population voted against the new proposed flag, while 33% voted their support and 8% supported the proposed flag with modifications. After deliberations, Parliament has now decided to reject the proposed flag and to retain the current flag. “It’s only a flag, who cares about how it looks?” James Mehmed, a Liberal MP, stated in Parliament to disappointed Greek and Transcaucasian MPs today. “What is more important is what the flag represents, and the current one does that pretty well.

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