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Joint Legion-Tricom


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Over the last several weeks Tricom and The Legion have been getting to know one another quite well. This treaty is the first step in that budding relationship, but hopefully not the last.


What we TRIed was Legion... and we liked it!

aka "The Doctor Strangelove: Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb Treaty"

A treaty of Peace, Intelligence, and Aid between the Legion and the Trilateral Commission

Preamble: In the spirit of common friendship, and for the sake of continued prosperity, and growth between the Legion and the Trilateral Commision, both alliances have agreed to come together to form and strengthen bonds via a treaty of Peace, Intelligence and Aid.

Section I. Peace

Both the Trilateral Commission and the Legion hereby recognize the sovereignty of both alliance and promise not to infringe upon that. If military action is taken by one party against the other, both parties shall agree to solve the matter via diplomatic channels. Otherwise, for the sake of friendship and prosperity, both parties agree not to take aggressive action against one another.

Section II. Intelligence

In accordance to this treaty, both alliances agree to contribute and share any information that is deemed of direct relevance and concerning the security of one alliance to the other. This shall not be considered espionage and any information that is altered in any way to benefit any party whether they be signed or not. Such action shall be considered grounds upon which the treaty can be terminated.

Section III. Aid

If either the Legion or Trilateral Commision find themselves in need of aid, whether it be military, political, or financial, they may request the aid needed from the other alliance. However, the aid requested must be within reason and reality, and it must also be requested through the proper channels. Otherwise the aid request may be rejected by the other party.

Section IV. Termination

To cancel this treaty, either party may do so but must inform the other party of the treaty’ termination in a timely and respectable manner. By informing the other alliance in an official public statement posted on the other alliance’s forums and receiving acknowledgement, the treaty can be declared void 72 hours after the action has been taken.

Signed for the Trilateral Commission:

T-O-O-L, Chairman

Cooksonthegreat, Chief Executive Officer

Metacomet, 1st Representative

Badbrownies, 2nd Representative

mercs2foru, Chief of Staff

Trowa, Lord

GR, Lord

Megametal26, Head of External Affairs

Boncy, Head of Internal Affairs

Teargas, Head of Military/Security

Signed for The Legion:

King William IV, Minister of Foreign Affairs

The Arbiter, Minister of Economics

Xineoph, Minister of Internal Affairs

totem, Minister of Defense

Lincongrad, Speaker of the House


also....MY FIRST TIME ANNOUNCING A TREATY!!!!...sorry, I am a little excited.

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Aww man, KWVI beat me to being the first person to reply.

Either way, it is a great thing for the Legion and TriCom to come together to lay the groundwork for a long lasting relationship. A plus bonus is the fact that I wrote this treaty at the request of KWVI. ;)

Ave Legio!

Ave TriCom!

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You know, it is pretty awesome to see that this isn't getting trolled... yet :D Darth Elecian was telling me that trolls would be everywhere.

It has been the greatest pleasure to get to know you guys as well as I did. Remember - I highly encourage all Legionnaires to visit my embassy and hang out with Megametal, Darth Elecian, Megamind, and KWIV (if he chooses to stick around there :P )



This is to many more positive interactions in the future!

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