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Dragonisian Army remains at sea...

Maelstrom Vortex

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Due to the threat of global war, to prevent the loss of the armed forces, they are not returning to port.. they instead are being supplied at sea in undisclosed locations in their transport submarines safe from attack. If forced to deploy, they will do so.

We remind you that any attempt to move closer than 200 nautical miles to any possession of Glorious Aotearoa will result in the loss of all vessels and depending on the nature there of, possibly war.

This includes trying to sneak resupply submarines through our waters.

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The Tahoe Republic is currently in a state of war with Dragonisia, so we respectfully request Transvaal to take back their offer of sanctuary for the Dragonisian Army and Navy.

The Federal Government was unaware of the current conflict between Tahoe and Dragonisia. Therefore we recind our offer of anchoring and close our ports to Dragonisia - although due to our Open Seas Policy, the Southern Seas around the Cape of Good Hope still remain open for transit as long as they refrain from hostile actions to Transvaal or any other power who may have ships in the vicinity.

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The neutral Serphim have declared airspace, lands, and seas of the Sepharim are closed to all warring nations. It was quickly realized by the Sepharim that a need for an armed force is key to survival on this world. Now, new orders have been issued out for the creation of an Armed Sepharim Force. The Bellum Angels have been called forth and now patrol the outer limits of Sepharim Lands and skies.

Bellum Angels

OOC: Wrong RP there, buddy. This is for normal CNRP, it looks like you are treating it like CNRP S.

Just saying...

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The legal status of areas of the Bering immediately concurrent to several Aleutian Islands is currently uncertain between RUSSIAN protectorate, Amerikanisches Reich naval exclusion zone, or sovereign Procinctian territory.

I am not, however, suggesting you take advantage of this legal black hole while these matters are resolved.

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