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An Ultimatum Expires


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OOC: Merger sent his reply to me via PM. His stuff, is the second group of stuff.

Everything had been made ready, the reserves had been called up, stockpiles were ready. The nation had notice to begin stockpiling supplies for the war that was coming. Kun Triyun took a sip of his baijiu as he looked over the final plan. “Alright, make it happen.” he said signing his name to the document. With that, the “War of National Reunification” had begun.

Across the country missile defenses and SDIs were ready.

Operation Eastern Rollback:

Tianjin Harbor Phase 1: 03:30 am

United States of China forces would be based off of the amphibious dock ships offshore, beyond the horizon. These warship's radar cross section profiles meant they would be difficult for enemy forces to detect, and could deploy from far enough offshore that the rather meek naval patrols of the Communist forces would not detect what was going on until it was too late (OOC: This capability is based on an already serving class called the San Antonio, so as hard as it is to believe yes it does exist :P ). As the Central American communists had stuck to international waters, this would mean that they would be unable to enter the 12 mile territorial waters of the United States of China which directly connected with the borders of the Ming Waters.

Silent moving hovercraft were launched from the ships carrying teams of assault JESF forces. These forces moved into the surrounding areas around the town of Tianjin slowly, launching into the water with propelled underwater craft at about 500 meters off from shore in areas not covered by major light houses. Deploying on the beach they hid their equipment, and three companies (300 men each proceeded into the city of Tianjin).

These forces, experts at avoiding detection would move towards intended targets, key infrastructure and warfighting positions, telecommunications, bridges, tunnels, rail lines, and other key areas throughout the city where they would place C-4 explosive charges after swiftly eliminating guard forces. The net result would be to force mass confusion within the city. Other teams moved to deploy booby trap points along key roads and transportation routes including EOD krakatoas which could be remote fired from secure positions far back, allowing to disrupt any attempt to move troops into the city to move in for disaster relief.

Other teams would move to paint the lasers onto enemy military installations and ships in port to knock them out. These would paint targets for cruise missile launched from bases in Jiangsu province. These warheads would rapidly knock out the enemies airport including the Foreign Tu-95s and port facilities.

Meanwhile the amphibious assault ships would pull back several knots back off shore where they would create a defensive perimeter ESSRMs ready to knock out a counter attack and supply the special forces assault on the city.

East China Sea: 03:30 am

Land based long range radar and sonar along with aerial based EWAC flights had been monitoring the enemy carrier battle group positions. The USC fleet had ordered two of its stealth missile cruisers to move around the enemy main force into the outskirts of Japanese waters before moving in for a flank. As the cruisers were the most stealth ships in the fleet, this would go unnoticed until it was too late.

The cruisers 5 total from both sides of the enemy fleet would fire low altitude hypersonic cruise missiles, that would approach the enemy fleet at only a few meters above the ground. The unique design of the missile turrets on the USC cruisers meant that there would be little warning, and a great deal of difficulty for CIWS units to shoot down the weapons. Their targets would be the enemies carrier-escorts (I'm not sure how many there are, it was never specified what ships were in Mastab's post, by my count in the topic there are 3 deSouza carriers and 15 Mastab ships in theatre). With only eighteen ships, in theater, the enemy would be hard-pressed to engage the USC navy on equal footing, especially in home waters. From about 100 kilometers each ship would be facing around 4 of these missiles, which not only had a bunker busting warhead but tremendous kinetic energy.

At the same time, these ships along with their destroyer counterparts (5 total) and two battleships (2 total) would unleash their GPS guided artillery on the enemy aircraft carrier decks, these weapons, accurate generally within four meters and rapidly reloading would be able to while not sink the ships outright, lay waste to the run way decks making it impossible to deploy their planes.

USC planes of course were already airborne enforcing the no-fly zones. Six squadrons of F/A-9 attack craft would suppress the enemy fleets missile defenses should any warships be fortunate enough to survive the massive attack on them by the USC cruisers. These forces would fire off anti-ship missiles from their missile bays, while 3 squadrons F-8 interceptors operating from long range would fire off their powerful anti air missiles to down any enemy aircraft attempting to go toe to toe with the F/A-9s.

This would also be supported by 3 squadrons of Buckaneer naval types moving in on the enemy force with their anti-air missile batteries being supressed, firing off 8 large anti-ship missiles, the targets were the three vulnerable PDFA carriers.

This would then open for the coup d'grace of the attack. Launched from ashore. 200 IRBM anti ship missiles were fired off from shore launchers at the enemy fleet, along with the VLMS bays of the USC fleet being brought to bear on the target. While the most suspect able to anti-missile weapons, they were also by far the deadliest. Dozens of warheads would be targeted at each individual surviving ship the intention of which was to so overwhelm the surviving missile defense of the fleet they would be at the bottom of the sea in minutes.

Now the submarine fleet would reveal itself. Surfacing the two ballistic missile subs in the USC arsenal fired off 12 missiles each. Each weapon would carry a large conventional massive ordinance penetrator. Their targets would be the 23 largest air bases and air port control towers in the Mongolian territories as well as one aiming to destroy the remaining airforces of the enemy in Tianjing, to totally bring the system offline. While two attack subs waited on total passive silence to protect the two missile subs. The other two subs would surface with the USC surface fleet, firing off 48 tomahawk missiles each targeting the enemy in the Shandong penninsula, hitting enemy supply depots, power stations, and other key infrastructure to make fighting a defensive war extraordinarily difficult.

The Skies Above Mongolia 03:30 a.m.

The flight was absolutely radio silent as 15 F/A-7 stealth fighter squadrons moved towards the Mongolian border. These units were ordered to fly below radar along with B-8 bombers. In total 12 F/A-7 Squadrons and 3 B-8 bomber squadrons were commited to the operation. The orders were given, it was to begin.

B-8 Bombers openned their bomber doors. 288 hypersonic cruiser missiles were launched from the bombers towards their targets in the Mongolian heartland right across the border. Their targets were enemy airports and mission control towers. As the mongols would see a massive wave of cruise missiles heading towards them. They would have little chance to scramble fighters to intercept before these weapons would aim at dealing a major blow to the enemies ability to field counter attacking airforces.

The forces that were on patrol would find themselves under attack from 8 squadrons F/A-7s which would fire off long range anti air missiles, to occupy the enemy airforce. While 7 of these squadrons continued flying below radar and would drop JDAMs on enemy air targets and continue with strafing runs on planes in the airways.

Meanwhile another wave operating out of Xinjiang of 3 Squadrons of B-10 bombers would suddenly accelerate to super sonic speed dropping high altitude precision guided bunker busting bombs across the enemies air defense network and airfields to bring it further down to size before flying up and around, (meaning they wouldn't have to slow down and turn) into DKT air space.

A second air superiority attack would simultaneously occur as 8 F-8 Enforcer squadrons patrolling the no fly zone over the Neo Ming would accelerate to fully speed and move to engage and destroy enemy aircraft in Mongolia. As they were specialized long range interceptors, they were able to target and pick off enemy aircraft before the others could possible hope to enter combat range.

This would be followed up on by 20 IRBMs from Sichuan which would each carry a high explosive bomb which would target the enemies top 10 military airfields aiming at their control towers supply depots.

Skies over the Neo Ming 03:30 am

All ground based Buckaneer medium strike craft would be ordered to begin immediate air defense suppression operations. These heavily armored crafts would be the first to fly over suspected enemy AA target areas. Designed with plenty of countermeasures, and large enough to house advanced radar and longer range air-surface missiles. These units were programmed to instantly detect enemy radar lock ons and fire off long range air-surface missiles, destroying the target within minutes sanitizing the area. Having maintained the no fly zone, the USC Airforce had taken note of enemy AA positions and were prepared to do them in.

Operating with the laser guided missile strikes the last squadron of B-10 bombers would be targeting the enemies airfields in Tianjin, to destroy the T-95s and Su-37s before they could scramble. These units would employ 'daisy cutter' style bombs'. The special forces in theater would be fine as they were some kilometers away, but the entire base would be brought to the ground. Turning, the super sonic bombers would drop their remaining payload (each is employ 2 of these weapons, and dropped one here) on key enemy transport lines between Beijing and Tianjin. This would cripple the enemies ability to send reinforcements from Tianjin to the capital and vice versa.

12 Squadrons of F/A-9s would launch an all out assault on the enemy bridge, rail, and tunnel system linking the Mongolians to their clients in the North of China. This would cripple the ability for a major counter attack to be launched against the ground force.

The 15 F-6 Eagle squadrons would enforce the rules of the air. These units would engage any air units that managed to get out of Tianjin and destroy them, as well as were available to engage an destroy any enemy air reinforcements that managed to launch from Mongolia and wipe them off the map.

B-52 bombers would be launched on high altitude missions to drop precision bombs on the enemies fuel depots, communications towers, and ammunition depots. These units would conduct a massive high altitude assault on Ming. Some of the units would also launch tomahawk cruise missiles on Mongolian border air control and radar and then expand precision bombing to those areas to further cripple the enemies ability to mobilize for a counter ground war.

The National Reunification Push 3:40 am

AC-130s gunships moved over the line of demarcation, UAVs had provided targets for them to strike, and they did so magnficicently. Tracers from Howitzer and BOFOR cannons would light up the sky as guide bombs would slam across the border into enemy command bunker and forward armor positions, this blitzkreig assault would be magnificent in its deadly precision.

UAVs would light up more targets for Non Line Of Site Guided Missile and Artillery systems. These units would provide precision artillery fire targetting enemy armor and infantry alike. Armored positions would be targetted with penetration weapons, whereas infantry would be hit with air burst cluster munitions for maximum kill zone.

More UAV helicopters and predator drones would swarm down on enemy convoys as they moved towards the front firing shaped charges and hell fire missiles to reek havoc on the enemies supply lines and ability to move reinforcements to the front.

Continueing the fight at beyond visual range, MCS and Tiger units used bore cannons and combat engineer battalions used netfire style VLMS units to engage and rapidly destroy enemy armor before it would have a chance to block the assualt that was upcoming.

NLOS-Mortars fired remote deactivation options behind enemy lines as shock troop battalions advanced across the line of demarcation slowly, with combat engineer and EOD teams attached to the units to deactivate any booby traps. Forward positions had UGVs at the front, allowing them to draw fire from enemy ambushes and serious booby traps, and then not only bring their own fire, but send info back to the AC-130 gunships and NLOS artillery systems allowing them to eliminate the threat before further advances were made. This would leave the enemy unable to ambush, forced to go through minefields to retreat, and facing enemies it could not even gets its sights on forward.

While the 12 armored divisions on the border advanced. The three airborne divisions dropped into the outskirts of Beijing. These forces immediately seized control of Beijing Capital International Airport, and key suburbs to fortify in. Combat engineering battalions setup anti-armor strong points, while force recon soldiers would coordinate with agents in the city and make contact with certain points.

Throughout the city, counter revolutionary riots by those sympathetic to the southern Chinese state would be organized, to erupt, this would be especially true with upper income and middle class areas, which had greater access to radio and TV. (scroll down to see why)

The Propaganda War:

While the enemy communications were being decimated by the USC military campaign their airwaves were being taken over (spy odds max).

An anchor would come over the airwaves and radio waves of the entire Northern area:

“Good evening, we are here to bring a live speech from the President of the United States of China.

“Citizens of Northern China, earlier today, the United States of China was negotiating for greater access between the Chinese people. We oppose the stringent line drawn by the Internationale foreign organization and their puppets in the October Group. These forces masquerading as friends of China, are in fact the same foreigners which have weakened this country in the past.

Our President says enough. The United States of China will not stand by while foreigners take over China. Acting in concert with our friends and allies abroad, the United States of China sought a peaceful solution. This was turned to ash, when our air planes were harassed by communist forces. This act of aggression, with the clear intention of dividing China in half permanently, if not to foreceably colonize the entire civilization under foreign communists is unacceptable.

Today the Chinese people stand up! I have ordered my military to begin a liberation of Northern China!

Our forces are everywhere, the enemy will be crippled. I ask you to rise up and join me in a true people's war. I ask you to join me in reclaiming the Mandate of Heaven not for a foreign ideology but for a China that can rule itself.

Should we fail today, National Liberation and Reunification will be lost for two generations, this cannot be allowed to happen. Long Live a true United States of China!”

Meanwhile as the Mongol Swedes had somewhat better spy defenses, attacks would be concentrated only in the Eastern portion of the country. False reports about a massive USC airborne assualt would be sent over the radio there.

Additional Movements:

National Guard is being mobilized into all cities and towns and civilians are being moved to bomb shelters.

Forces in Africa have already begun to move back quietly in some numbers, the USC navy in the Indian Ocean is nearing the Malaccan Strait.

Aircraft were ordered to return and refuel and arm and replace pilots at bases better protected with missile defenses.

Commence Operation Baron

The Eastern Royal Navy was in the Pacific, and, after having stopped in Shanghai momentarily for a resupply and refuel, they rolled northwards at 1:30 AM. Sailing through the North China Sea behind the Chinese Navy, their pathway was mostly cleared by the superior fire-power they possessed as compared to the Americans. Their job of reaching their target was easy, and at 4:00 AM, they reached the Shandong peninsula, and an amphibious assault by the Royal Marine Corps began.

Preceeding the assault, the Royal Navy-Air Force had bombed the relevant cities of the Shandong Peninsula, as well as taking out relevant military installations and air fields before they could be activated by the Reds. Because of the time of the operation, no resistance was met when the stealth units levelled the cities and military bases as necessary. This was also partially due to the attacks which came from the home islands even preceding this operation.

Before the assault even began, at 2:30, MI6 successfully shut down the entire Soviet defence network, dismantling their ability to defend. Computer systems and other electronic systems were completely taken off-line, all done by the Secret Intelligence Service. This allowed for a speedy assault with minimal British casualties. MI6 would work around the clock to keep Soviet computer systems off-line, while EMP-tipped missiles were prepared for launch in the United Kingdom itself, although Minister of Defence John Hutton expressed a reluctance to use them, saying it would cause too many unnecessary civilian casualties.

The bombing raids of the cities of Qingdao, Weihai, Yantai, and Weifang continued without much peril. No air units were lost, due to the enemy's outdated systems and total lack of aircraft. What allied aircraft there was was focusing on the Chinese navy, as well as suppressing fire from the Royal Navy.

A total of 50,000 men had been commissioned for the operation. 5,000 were commissioned for the cities of Weihai and Yantai, with 5,000 for the city of Qingdao. Another 5,000, the most elite of the army, were sent on a stealth mission through the forests, to secure a line along the edge of the Shandong Peninsula, and to begin invading Weifang. The remaining 30,000 would remain aboard the vessels they had arrived on, waiting to enter in the second wave of attack, if there needed to be one. A total of 1,000 armoured untis had been brought as well, 200 for each of the City Waves, and 50 to provide artillery support for all of them.

In Qingdao, tactics were employed to cause maximum damage while inflicting minimum casualties, known to British Troops as the MDMC strategy. The damage was to be employed to military personel as well as buildings that could be used against the Royal Army. They were to be completely decimated, while at the same time keeping civilian casualties to a minimum. Although collateral damage was unavoidable, it could certainly be reduced significantly. The Royal Air Force decimated portions of the cities they targeted, and after they were finished, the Royal Army landed in the cities and sought to secure them. Because of the cyber warfare employed by MI6, there were few British casualties.


Red reflects bombed areas, Green reflects Landing Routes, and Blue troop movements once landed.

The same tactics were employed in the city of Weitai. Civilian casualties were kept to a minimum while military casualties were maximised. Although there were few enemy troops to counter, they were still decimated by the British troops.


Again, in Yantai, the MDMC method was employed. Bombing campaigns were first, then landing/ground campaigns.


The British Army progressed over the Shandong Peninsula fairly well due to strong air/missile support and significant technological advantages. Sea support was also very helpful to the advancing army, which was to advance as far as the Shandong Line before waiting for further orders. Seen below in pink. The red is stealth troops


Over Greenland:

Operation Exchange had begun. Strategic bombers launched from airfields in Iceland and Greenland northward, flying over the North Pole to strike Mongolia. They bombed major cities such as Ulaanbaatar, and took out major military installations in the nation. MI6 was on full alert, keeping British systems running while attempting to disable the enemy's. The surprising nature of the strike did wonders for its success, and the fighter-escorted bombers managed to destroy a great deal of their targets. They were also accompanied by ICBMs tipped with large warheads (non-nuclear).

In Iceland, the British Northern Expeditionary Force boarded transport planes to land in the Neo Soviet Union. They moved in completely free of resistance, landing in the Neo Soviet Union without trouble at all. The ten thousand took control of the NSU very quickly. MI6 eliminated what little communicative infrastructure the NSU had, making it unable to send for help digitally or by phone. Power was out all over the NSU, leaving the nation defenceless. British troops landed in the NSU unabated.

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OOC: For clarification I am striking Mongol Sweeden.

Consolidation of Forces & Defenses on alert

The forces stationed in western china, were moved since the original backing of the USC; three hundred thousand Imperium soldiers along with 3000 tanks now are stationed in the Imperial Republic awaiting orders. Imperial republic forces have already been placed on alert and are awaiting the commands from their own nation to act. Forces in the Imperium have also been placed on alert and re-allocated around the whole of the nation to best defend should an invasion occur. A nuclear class submarine sits in the Persian gulf essentially the center of the nation onboard are ten omega class devastator missiles; should an invasion occur Osiris will pick up the activity and the missiles each armed with many MIRV conventional warheads will be strategically deployed to destroy the invasion force. Special silos within the Imperium holding these missiles are also on alert and ready to launch. Rail gun emplacements on the coast lines as well as the strategic islands have been placed on alert and are ready to repel enemy naval invasions. Coordination with Osiris will allow these guns to pre-emptively strike enemy forces before they become visible from the surface. The air defense grid has also been placed on alert and is ready to combat air forces a portion of the Imperial Air Force has also been scrambled to help reinforce the grid. The nations SDI has also been placed on alert should the war regress to a nuclear holocaust. A large porition of the navy has also been moved to the pacific theater to assist the USC in the naval destruction of commintern

Missile Strikes

Two of the nuclear class submarines sitting off the coast of Sumatra launch ten of their Devastator Missiles. Each ICBM climbs into the upper atmosphere until It reaches low orbit. At that point each rocket shatters deploying fifty compacted MIRV warheads each containing conventional explosive. Coordinates chosen by Osiris are beamed to each of the war heads which begin to fire their retro-rockets adjusting speed and direction to the trajectory paths selected for them. The one thousand warheads too numerous to be intercepted, and too small to be detected as their radar signature is too small and they are firing no active rockets the nation of Mongol Sweeden will be completely surprised. (OOC: a list of targets is included below, as to not god mode I didn’t RP them striking).

Oligy; Altay; Bayonhongor; Ulan Bator; Korla; Urumqi; Burgin; Kashi; and other key population centers (OOC: you don’t have a fact book so I had trouble specifying which additional cities I am hitting)

Airfields both military and civilian; Fighter Planes; bombers; control towers; fuel depots.

Medical Centers

Population Centers

Educational Facilities

Utilities infrastructure

Transportation Infrastructure

Administrative Districts

Military Barracks

Air Campaign

Multiple F-35 fighter bomber squadrons of the Imperial Airforce have been deployed to quickly gain dominance over the air and reinforce the actions of the USC. Each squadron with the assistance of Osiris is targeting any and all enemy fighters including those which have not or are scrambling. Several squadrons of stealth f117s have been deployed to each of the cities struck. As they approach the city they deploy a series of cruise missiles. As these approach the city they shatter and deploy many short range guided warheads. Osiris calculating based on wind speeds and direction sends specific coordinates to each point. Once they arrive they will themselves shatter releasing thick dense clouds of tear, which has been further mixed with a sedative gas. The Clouds will remain for several hours before dissipating. Assuming success these cities will be crippled and unable to respond to invasion. Along the country side fighter bombers continue to target remaining defensive emplacements.

Ground Forces

Imperium Ground forces move across the country side towards what remains of the major cities and are eliminating opposition as it comes along. Air support is being used to wipe out most of the resistance forces before they even hit the vanguard. Once forces arrive at the city they will occupy them. Anyone who resists will be arrested and sent back to a set of POW camps in the Imperial Republic. Said camps will reeducate any radicals and release them at the end of the war. Imperium doctors will distribute medical care and food to peaceful people in need. As well as evacuate those who wish to do so from the region to relocation settlements in other areas around Mongolia. Insurrection in any city will result in a block by block search of the effected areas of the city.
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"It's not my province."

OOC: Nokonov, he claimed land already claimed by Keshav, who's map was not updated until after you ceded the land to him, despite him claiming it second.

Within an hour of the attacks, Speaker Zedillo of the NAAC Congress interrupted all television and radio broadcasts with a message from the NAAC Congress. He wore a gray military uniform and a stern look on his face as he sat at a large oak desk in front of the red and black Anarchist flag.

"Comrades; as you may have heard, the NAAC forces in Asia as well as the forces of our comrades in the region fell under attack from enemy forces just moments ago. The attackers have been identified as the United Kingdom and United States of China. As I'm sure you know, we have been desperately fighting for a peaceful solution these past few days; despite the ridiculous USC demands that we sacrifice our allies the North Soviet to them as well as their massing of an invasion force, we have stayed true to our peaceful intentions.

"No more. The fascist invaders have lost that courtesy when they attacked our peace keepers; they have disrespected both the NAAC and Comintern for the last time. From here on out, the NAAC will engage in total war. It is a sad necessity, but a necessity still; we cannot lose Asia to the imperialists. From this moment forward, all of the NAAC will be devoted to the war effort; our young will be trained to fight, out factories will produce machines of war, and all commercial ships will be seized and refitted for military purposes.

"The fascists are lucky in that the NAAC has such great concern for the people of the world. It is for this reason alone that we will refrain from using our nuclear arsenal against them. Let me be clear, though; should one fascist soldier set foot in the Americas, we will resort to this method of defense.

"My comrades, war is never anything other than disgusting. But we have no choice but to pursue the path the Chinese and British have laid for us - the revolution requires sacrifices. Onwards to victory, comrades! Not one step back!"

**Message to the Comintern Central Committee**

War is upon us. The NAAC would like to relocate several squadrons of fighters to the Great Lakes Council Republic so that we may attack the British colonies in Greenland and Iceland. We will also be sending a detachment from our navy to the Falklands. We are unaware of the British soldier and civilian numbers there, but I assure you; none will survive and no Comintern soldiers will die sieging the shores. We will shell the island until there is nothing left alive there. I have also approved the use of napalm and other highly destructive weapons there - let the Falklands be a sign to how we treat Fascists in America.

I would like to surrender command of the NAAC's military forces to comrade deSouza's officers. Our potential is great, but we have little experience commanding in wars. Our forces include 550,000 army soldiers, 100,000 marines, 6,000 tanks, 70 squadrons of fighter planes, and 5 squadrons of bomber planes. Our entire nation is yours to use to supply both of our forces. We have but one request; if Asia must fall to the fascists, let them find nothing but rubble.

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Declaration of war from the Empire of the Rising Sun

"By rejecting our generous offer of aid for land, the Northern Soviet has showed that it does not think of its own people. The Benevolence of the August Sumeragi shall spread across the barren land of Inner Mongolia!

As for our socialist Mongol brothers: We do not wish to fight with you, and will avoid coming into conflicts. Although our allies may attack you, we do not support their actions."

Kyokujitsu-Ming Borders

The Southern Army, which had split into two groups, unleashes a barrage upon Beijing, Tangshan, and Zhangjiakou. The northern group, comprised of 60,000 men, starts its march into Inner Mongolia, while the southern group, of 140,000 men, charges into the Capital of the Red Scum.

Dairen (Dalian)

The Kyokujitsu Naval Infantry starts heading toward Yantai, guarded by the massive navy. Comprised of 40,000 men, they are the elite of the elite.

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Premier Orlov addresses the Bolshevik Federation. The broadcast is not live and Orlov has since set off for an undisclosed location. The Conference of the Comintern is moved to a secret location.

"With no success in the use of reason with the USC in matters of the revolution in the Northern Soviet, an attack on the entire Comintern has begun by the Axis Pact. Our foreign relations committee and diplomats have been alerted and have left the country to seek an end to the conflict. I ask the leaders of the world to call for peace. Nonethless Bolshevik forces join with our allies in defence of the Comintern. I have failed in reasoning a peaceful solution, and in consequence our peaceful nation will be subject to attack at any time. You are to follow the following instructions to underground bunkers throughout your cities. I prey that no harm comes to my innocent people during this pointless war. Good night."

The broadcast is followed by emergency instructions.


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Northeastern Siberia

Meanwhile, the 100,000 Eastern Army marches towards the Bolshevik Federation from Magadan. A message is sent to Premier Orlov.

"We do not have mercy on rebellions within our protectorate. However, the August Sumeragi has given you a chance to surrender. Submit, and we shall consider allowing you to live, although you will be moved out of Siberia."

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Northeastern Siberia

Meanwhile, the 100,000 Eastern Army marches towards the Bolshevik Federation from Magadan. A message is sent to Premier Orlov.

"We do not have mercy on rebellions within our protectorate. However, the August Sumeragi has given you a chance to surrender. Submit, and we shall consider allowing you to live, although you will be moved out of Siberia."

"If you can offer our people safe passage, and a place in which to migrate. Only if our populace is untouched will I consider this request, they are peaceful and I wish them not to be pursecuted for a pointless war."

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"As long as you submit, no harm shall come to the Russians."

"We request exact terms. We do not plan on leaving the Comintern either, but rather will work towards a constructive relationship between our two pacts. Together we can either make a war, or with our strength actually do something progressive. If we are not being forced to leave our pact, my people are allowed safe passage, and if you will consider possibly mroe cooperation, we will submit."

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"This is not a war: This is slaughter. Either surrender or be exterminated.

However, just as we are still at peace with the Mongol-Swedes, we will make sure you can settle down in another place, and work with us. Your relation with the Comintern will be examined, but we wouldn't stick to making you leave it."

OOC: Got to go for now. Let's continue in March.

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"This is not a war: This is slaughter. Either surrender or be exterminated.

However, just as we are still at peace with the Mongol-Swedes, we will make sure you can settle down in another place, and work with us. Your relation with the Comintern will be examined, but we wouldn't stick to making you leave it."

OOC: Got to go for now. Let's continue in March.

"This is agree able. We will migrate closer to our allies int he Americas, and pledge to work towards better, more constructive relations with you."

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OOC: Kinda funny that you guys are seeking to wholly devastate my military assets that have yet to be even declared, or weren't even involved in this incident, period. Therefore, until I've actually gotten around to writing that stuff up (which will be forthcoming by this Saturday, as I previously promised), don't consider your air forces in a state of air supremacy or even superiority, well-meaning and technological calculations aside. At that time, I will also go to great lengths to outline damages. If you get to GM the war you're participating in, I get to GM my damages, I suppose.

Oh well, total war, I guess. So much for RPing diplomacy. :D


Public Release From the General Council of Mongol Sweden:

The General Council hereby condemns the acts of the United States of China and their allies from beyond the region, firstly, for reneging on their own principles of sovereign rule and self-determination by unleashing this unholy hell upon the region, likely resulting in the loss of countless civilian lives, particularly within the Northern Soviet itself and, even more shockingly, within the borders of Mongolia, whose people had yet to even make any military effort to join their signatory allies in the Comintern in their intervention in the former Ming territories. The unprovoked attacks against Mongolia are collectively an outrageous act perpetrated by the allies of the United States of China who used this incident as an excuse to invade their northern neighbors to impose their will upon the people, and the rash acts of violence against the people which this General Council serve, a formation that did not once put a single man or woman in Ming territory.

The goal is clear: You wish to impose your will on Asia, and to hell with our sovereignty. We struggled long and hard in the past to remove the chains of oppression from foreign investors and other interests counter to the sustainability of our way of life on the Steppes. We refuse to surrender to your desire to expel us 'undesirables', the toiling masses who built great cities and developed rich cultures, and we condemn your attacks upon the peaceful, defensive Mongol-Sweden. As we begin to take account of the destruction to our cities and communal defense spaces, we will be stepping before the peoples of the world to demand full reparations for the destruction you have already wrought against us for simply speaking our minds, for refusing to acquiesce to your desires to violate the sovereignty of another nation, for accusing us of hegemony when we offered only humanitarian aid, for refusing to even publicly consider a diplomatic road-map to peace in East Asia. It is not for the United States of China with its allies to enforce their domestic agenda as a foreign policy upon the sovereign peoples that reside beyond their borders, or for anyone else, except for that which applies to one's own homelands.

The banner of socialism will long fly over Ulaanbataar and the far reaches of the Free Steppes before we will ever kneel to the wage-master again. We will proudly march into battle in the sovereign defense of our homelands, free from the yolk of dishonorable surrender. Your acts of aggression will lead to a genocide if you refuse to rescind.

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OOC: You don't have to declare standard defensive structures. You are RPing based on your in game nation. Since you have not declared any special alternative systems or additional structures we just RPed against what we assume you have. If you wish to RP that you had none of these then that's fine though I don't see how that helps you. Unless a GM strikes our attacks from the record they are still in existence and if you choose to not recognize them you will lose by default.

Also, you should have seen my original draft of my attacks on your nation :P; it took total war to a new level.

IC: We wish to shield Asia from the hegemony of foreign powers and promote a local regional concert of influential bodies. The Imperium does not have a problem with your beliefs we have a problem with your complicity with Commintern. If the three of you wish to wholly denounce the Communist International and all allegiances to it as well as join us in promoting a regionally directed Asia then that is fine. The truth is we are concerned how powerful the Communist International has become and can no longer stand by while they surround us and position themselves to take action against us. Our only aim here is to push them out of the east. What they do in the western hemisphere is there business.

As for why we have skipped diplomacy; you all denounce our legal legitimacy and the binding nature of international contract; diplomacy is a meaningless joke; and our only option remaining is to simply push you all from the region. Once you all are gone we will help rebuild the nations your governments leave behind.

OOC: When was this rule made?

OOC: This is a common rule in the main RP, I actually asked to RP for my own ally but triyun wouldn't allow it.

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OOC: You don't have to declare standard defensive structures. You are RPing based on your in game nation. Since you have not declared any special alternative systems or additional structures we just RPed against what we assume you have. If you wish to RP that you had none of these then that's fine though I don't see how that helps you. Unless a GM strikes our attacks from the record they are still in existence and if you choose to not recognize them you will lose by default.

OOC: Easy, easy! Heh. We've already 'won' more or less, but more to that end later. :P I think a standard modernized 'Soviet-style' series of equipment is fine enough for me to stick with given the technological capacity of IRL Mongolia and the considerations inherent therein. I'm not going to make a super-serial effort to fight back precisely because we took the diplomatic high-road from the get-go. So, go ahead and declare an air victory if you like, I won't refute that to any great length. I mean, if you say you've got the means to wipe out a substantial portion of a 21st century defense network in one blitz, then my refutations will eventually boil down to another inconsequential lolcommie dramafest, innit? ;)

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OOC: just about everything Triyun posted on behalf of mergerberger II is godmode. I think it unreasonable to post the results of operations without giving one’s opponent the opportunity to RP resistance, or at least a response. IMHO, this should hold true even if your opponent is a puissant of a nation. Jest sayin’.

OOC2: if you look in my factbook you will now see relatively detailed military statistics for the GLCR, including the type of planes with which our squadrons are equipped. Please do not assume that these can be brushed aside, particularly as it is quite difficult to establish air superiority over another country when that country is hundreds or thousands of miles away from your bases. This is reflected in the IC portion of my post.

OOC3: RP war over distance realistically please. I won't put a fleet right next to my opponent right upon my declaration of war, and I expect the same courtesy from the people who declare war on me. Also, notice how I RP my forces getting ready before attempting moves against another's territory.

IC: “We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you this important announcement from Red Armed Forces Commissioner Toby Mackenzie.”

“It is a sad evening, citizens. It has been thirty years and more since I or any of my predecessors in this Commission have had to address you. We have been blessed with a long peace, and we have held it dearly since the end of the Revolution. However, today, fully conscious of the imperialism that has brought about this war, and of the suffering it will bring to all nations and people involved, the Grand Littoral Council has convened in special session and declared war on the United Kingdom.

“This decision may shock and surprise you. Not only has our Council Republic proclaimed its desire for peace to the world a dozen times and more, we have worked to avoid war and to mediate disputes where we could, so as to minimize the tribulations of those people still living in imperialistic capitalist states. After all, if they couldn’t live their lives unmolested by exploitation, they could at least avoid being bombed. We are fortunate that we ourselves have not been the targets of imperial aggression. But more than that, you as a people have solemnly declared again and again your desire never to prosecute aggressive war, and your government has stood by that desire. Why, then, have we deigned to prosecute just such a war?

“Sometimes, we must make difficult decisions, and sometimes one principle we hold dear must triumph over another. As we have been committed to peace, so too are we committed to internationalism. As we have been committed to internationalism, so too are we committed to the right of peoples to choose the governments under which they live, even as we have chosen a socialist Council Republic. So great is our commitment that we neither recognize nor record national distinctions among our own people, and so great is our commitment that when given the opportunity to help organize an international union to defend the right of people to choose to build a socialist society, you in the Assemblies jumped at the chance, and the Grand Littoral Council responded to your wishes. In short, we do not choose to prosecute an aggressive war. We choose to defend socialism wherever it may rise, whosoever may aggress upon it. For, on principle and as members of the Communist International, an attack on socialism anywhere is an attack on socialism everywhere. Our choice to live as free men and women in a free association is under attack at this moment on the steppes of Asia, and it is our duty to defend that choice.

“When the people of Qingdao find their homes broken by soldier thieves serving a State Thief, it is our homes that are broken. When the people of Mongol-Sweden find their cities transformed from great centers of life and culture to piles of rubble interspersed with glowing glass, it is Chicago, Toronto, Winnipeg, Milwaukee, that have been attacked with nuclear weapons. When the soldiers of our southern allies are targeted because they responded to their ally’s call for aid, it is Churchill, Uranium City, or Resolution Island which has been bombed. When it comes to the freedom, life, and livelihoods of people, an injury to one is an injury to all.

“The imperialists claim that they prosecute their wars to defend Asian sovereignty from western intervention. Woe to them that they have included Great Britain, the archetype of western power upon which Germany itself modeled its hegemony a hundred years ago, in their coalition. This is not a war of Asian nationalism against international socialism. It is a war of international capitalism against international socialism, a war of the bankers and money barons against the working people of the world.

“The imperialists have great forces at their disposal, mighty fleets, vast armies hired or cowed into service, weapons which would leave the planet devoid of animal and plant life as we know it. We are not cowed, but we are mindful. As we enter a war for defense of our socialist brethren in the East, we state right off that the Great Lakes Council Republic will not unleash its own forces of destruction upon the world. We will abstain from using our nuclear arsenal unless attacked ourselves with a biological or nuclear weapon. We will annex absolutely no territory in any peace settlement, save those in which the populations have chosen to form councils of their own, and in which those councils have voted to join our Council Republic.

“As we are fighting a defensive war which has been forced upon us, I ask each of you to contribute whatever you can, whether it be time in labor, luxury items, or anything else that might occur to you to help us win this war. I also ask that you be aware of your community’s evacuation procedures in case of a nuclear attack, the locations of bunkers, and other measures to ensure your safety and that of your family.

“I won’t wish you a good evening, for it won’t be for many nights to come. May what powers there are protect us all.”


To: the Agmarian Empire

We hope that our current state of war with Great Britain will not effect our mutual relations. As you know, we have disclaimed any desire for annexations, maintaining a universal peace as our only war aim. To that end, it is completely contrary to our interests to see a wider war in North America, and we hope Agmar will see things the same way.


Private: The High Seas Fleet en route to Resolution Island has been ordered to double its speed in order to reach it before the British and to defend it from any incursions. Once there, it will establish patrols ensuring nothing enters the Hudson Strait, as well as to intercept any incursions into Council Republic airspace. Two squadrons of Eagles, one squadron of Strike Eagles, and one squadron of Fighting Falcons have been ordered to base themselves on Resolution Island (it has an airfield in this timeline. Deal with it) to assist the fleet should it come under naval attack. Air assets near Ottawa and Moosonee have been placed on high alert, and ordered to patrol the Hudson Strait. The Home Fleet has received orderes that if the High Seas Fleet disembarks to seize Greenland, it is to occupy Resolution Island.

Engineer battalions have been ordered to the other purchase islands to inspect existing Agmar-built defense systems. They are not extensive, but the infrastructure is there on some of them. Anti-ship missiles are transported to those islands.

Marine forces have been ordered to assemble for an amphibious assault on the bases in Greenland.

Needless to say, the Army is mobilized as well, though most of it remains in its mobilization areas (which are dispersed so as to be less vulnerable to nuclear assault) in the absence of an active front. A few divisions are relegated to support the Marines.

A strike on Edinburgh by B-2s was considered but ruled out due to the military inefficacy, certainty of civilian deaths, and great risk to the pilots.

The Cybershades, the branch of the GLCR's defense network devoted to keeping our military computer networks clear from infiltrators, has been placed on high alert, and ordered to begin, as stealthily as they can, cracking the codes for Great Britain's defense systems, beginning with Greenland's and moving east.


Private: We accept NAAC's stationing of squadrons of aircraft on our territory, and ask that they be placed around Moosonee so as to integrate with the local air defense mission. However, we question their decision to attack the Falkland Islands, an operation that can easily be left to the People's Democratic Federation of America (south). Would not a more efficous approach be to attack and capture the Sandwich Islands as a forward base for war against China?

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OOC: Kinda funny that you guys are seeking to wholly devastate my military assets that have yet to be even declared, or weren't even involved in this incident, period. Therefore, until I've actually gotten around to writing that stuff up (which will be forthcoming by this Saturday, as I previously promised), don't consider your air forces in a state of air supremacy or even superiority, well-meaning and technological calculations aside. At that time, I will also go to great lengths to outline damages. If you get to GM the war you're participating in, I get to GM my damages, I suppose.

Oh well, total war, I guess. So much for RPing diplomacy. :D

OOC: Actually I have asked Hawk to GM disputes in this war. One was already down via IRC. However I will say this, and he again is always able to overrule me here. You cannot consider your own forces to not get damaged because you have yet to post up your factbook. You guys were RPing towards war including claiming South East Asia without a factbook. I will agree you haven't posted what assetts you have up yet, those assets will be the ones hit by the strike.

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The Burmese Military moved into DEFCON 1. The Burmese Expeditionary Force will continue their mission in Indochina. However, the remaining 170,000 infantrymen were mustered and sent north. They would be airlifted by C-130's and Mi-8's to the forward lines of the USC to help aid in their assault of the Northern Soviet.

As for the air force, the long range Tu-160's were set loose on Mongolia, escorted by fighters. Their goal: lay waste to the already wounded Mongol-Sweden. MOABs and carpet bombing were used to target key military-industrial targets and sectors, most notably air fields.

As for the fighters, once the bombers had completed their run, the F-15E's lent themselves to supporting United States air superiority.

Additional C-130's were deployed to the forward lines in the Northern Soviet, dispatching BTR-90's and M1A1 Abrams to be used by the Burmese forces. It was going to be quite the war.

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