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Creation of Oceania, CNRP R

Emperor Of Cheese

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Ladies and gentlemen, we come before you today as representatives of the state, which we by our own appointment now govern. Of late, the former Indonesia has become a hot bed of instability and insurrection the cause of which is the fiery warlord not yet named who has in addition to the wave of destruction his forces have been leading across the region; spoken out against the great works of the Imperium labeling them to be foreign agitators and imperialists.

In response to this we individuals once leading independent and self-interested causes have recently agreed to take up the far more collective cause of ridding this land of such insurrectionists, and further promoting the general welfare of those who we serve. With our assention we hope to renew the faith of those occupying the former Indonesia, New Guinea and outlying yet unclaimed islands to the east. Furthermore to guarantee this a new government, a new order shall be formed reflecting the collective will of those before you now. Finally the imposition of this new order and the creation of this new nation a new name is required. Henceforth this territory shall be referred to only as Oceania.

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The Imperium welcomes its new neighbor in the region, Viceroy Kaine has been sent to the Capital to meet the new leaders. The Imperium would also like to offer the use of some of its force stationed in the Imperium Viceroyalty to help quell the violence as well as maintain order until the new regime gets on its feet.

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Imperial Wellington wishes that this new neighbour keep its nose out of our waters, airspace and business. New Caledonia, Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu and New Zealand are all our possessions.

We may tolerate you, but it will not stop us forcefully stopping you doing something stupid

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