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SNAFU just can't seem to keep good help around


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Smoke billows about the head of the man in cowboy hat as he crushes out last of his cigarettes.

“Someone go out and grab me some more smokes,” he bellows out into the hall where the rest of the government has their offices. “I’ve got work to do and I very well can’t do it without some nicotine!”

In comes a nameless drone with a carton of Marlboro Lights and places them on his desk. As the peon turns to leave Stetson says, “wait a minute there son. I haven’t seen you around before. It seems like you lackeys change every day.”

“I’m a new recruit sir,” the timid boy murmurs, “they said the last page was promoted to citizen shortly after signing up.”

“You people come and go so quickly, it’s like you’re just blips on my radar,” Stetson quietly muses. “In fact that gives me an idea…

Amendment I

Hereby establishes the subordinate alliance affiliation “SNAFU Radar Blip” as a location for nations wishing to become members of SNAFU to reside in until they have completed the full admission’s process as laid out by the Director of Illicit Affairs. Radar Blips shall be protected by SNAFU for a period of no less than 10 days under this AA as designated by their seniority listing on the alliance membership list. Because we understand that things can happen, anyone who petitions SNAFU for an extension of this protection may petition the government for additional time, so just cross them off your raiding list cause you never know.

Signed for SNAFU this date February 23, 2009,

Stetson of Axeland, Grand FUBAR

Drall of Phyrexia, Power Behind the Throne

Heheurfunny of Land of Hehe, Director of Damage Control

Silver Star of Gold Star, Director of Making Nations Rich

Madam Cavi of Spehan, Director of Illicit Affairs

President S O of Republic of Austra, Director of Alliance Relations

tl:dr SNAFU has established the subordinate Alliance Affiliation “SNAFU Radar Blip” and will be protecting members of this AA.

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Hope this new idea works for you guys.

Thanks. :D We know it's not a revolutionary idea, but its time had come for us.

Good to know you are checking members before they are entering


It is easier to keep an eye on the little buggers when they've got their own holding pen. LOL

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It's been almost 6 months now.

There's a significance to that timeframe.

6 months? has it been that long. Ah yes I remember the day we started.

We are exactly on schedule.

Excelsior my friends. Snafu is going ever upward!

Hail Snafu

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