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The Sailors and Paladins Accords


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Finally. That's all I can say. This Idea has been thrown around for a long time, I'm really happy we are finally doing it. The Paladins and The Oceanic Alliance Declared Existence on the same day. Some how that forged a special bond between them, and now we are getting even closer. I'm not saying I'm going to first base with them, Cause well hell, I'm a very classy gal, Wait Im no chick? meh I Announce the Paladins and Sailors Accords, May we honorable help each other out in the bar fights :P.

The Paladins and Sailors Accords


Article I. The Crossing

One Day the Paladins where walking along, when they noticed they needed to cross a vast ocean. The Sailors came along as the Paladins where figuring out what to do and offered the Paladins a hand. The Paladins said we don’t have much to offer but this beer. The sailors where overjoyed to hear the word beer so they offered the Paladins a ride across the ocean. So the Paladins boarded the boat. As they came to the shore, the Paladins and Sailors agreed to help each other if they ever needed it. So a Great Friend ship called the Paladins and Sailors accords where born.

Article II. The Bar Fights

The Paladins and Sailors agree to protect each other when someone else starts a fight with each other, to respect ones manliness they agree to ask or wait to be asked before joining the fight though. They may say no if they don’t want to fight though.

Article III. Best Friends

If the Sailors and Paladins have a problem with one another, they must go to each other privately and resolve there differences, Instead of screaming at each other in drunken rages in the middle of the pub or streets. If the Paladins know of some screaming pirates who want to do something bad to the Sailors the Paladins must warn the Sailors. If the Sailors spot someone preparing to attack the Paladins, the Sailors must rush to warn the Paladins.

Article IV. Helping to fix the Boat

If the boat needs repairing, both parts must come together and help fix it; When they both agree how to fix these accords, the Proper edits will be made and then amended.

Article V. Moving away from the coast

If the Sailors or Paladins decide to move away from each other and break there friendship, they most give each other a 72 hour notice. During the 72 hour’s both groups must respect these accords.

Author: Josshill

Signed For The Oceanic Alliance:

Josshill - Emperor

DerPrinz - Regent

Guapo - Regent

Beltazar - Minister of Raging Storms

RememberNever - Minister of Ship Management

Signed For The Paladins

Inmate - King of The Paladins

King Michel - Paladin Lord of The State

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