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Invasion of Invictus


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Standing on the portico of the Colleton Mansion on the Congaree River, outside of Charleston, President Featherston addressed a small crowd. "I'm Jake Featherston, and I'm here to tell you the truth. The truth is, the so called nation of Invictus is not a nation at all. Our Southern brothers languish under the tyrannical occupation of the despotic government currently occupying the free and independent states of Alabama, Georgia and Florida." The crowd, though small, roared with boos and hisses. "It is for that reason, I have authorized the War Department to procede with an operation to liberate those states. To prevent undue loss of life, we will permit the government of those states to peacefully depart, though there can be no question of our will to rejoin with our occupied brothers."

"I have authorized six divisions to enter Invictus. However, I once again stress the desire to avoid bloodshed. Do not resist our attempt to peacefully bring the three states seperated from their brothers back into the Confederacy and together we can find a mutual, peaceful solution. Two days from now, the offer will be voided and Invictus seized by force."


Confederate Soldiers moving into Alabama

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The Imperium watches with interest but is ultimately indifferent of who wins.

OOC: I'm pretty sure Invictus isn't active. That could make war difficult.

OCC: Well I think if they are an inactive nation that implies pretty much a default victory for CSA. Its like someone ignoring a war simply because they don't want to bother with it.

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International News Broadcast


A war torn Invictus village, once a happy farming town for peace-loving peasants... today a slaughterhouse, and the death toll so far... God only knows. This is Greg Burdette standing in front of what Confederacy terrorists have left of this community. Yet another in a series of villages wiped off the map by the Confederacy, and their misguided leader President Featherston.

When will this madness end?

OCC: Trust Greg Burdette, the only name in news... or not. This is blatantly false, probably propaganda (or at least news sensationalism), and never actually happened.

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After no response by the "government" of Invictus, the Confederate Army has begun a full scale reoccupation of the lost lands. Georgia and Alabama fell within hours, without resistance and Florida will be taken before dawn. Huge crowds have turned out on the streets of towns and cities, waving the southern flag and singing Dixie.

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