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The Birth Of Solaris


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A View Of The Dominion Skyline

Out of the American Plains, a meeting has began to take place. One that would shape the regions existence for years and years to come. The Plains region, has long been fragmented amongst various regional barons & familes holding allegiance to no central power. They all tried to expand there influence over regions, however none ever had the resources to expand too exert dominance. They were each very different however shared one common bond, they wanted security for there people. They valued the security of there people more then anything else. And as such, a meeting was assembled in the most powerful of the war-lords capitals. The Dominion, seat of power of the Vitrillo family.


6:00 PM CST - Vitrillo Family Headquarters

"Good evening gentlemen, it's a pleasure to see each of you have arrived to this council of sorts." Said Marcus Vitrillo, Head of the Vitrillo Family. "Now, no doubt many of you are wondering why this meeting of the families has been called. I assure you, the venture I will propose is in every parties interests. So if you all could take your seat's, I'd like to begin. No need for formal introduction's, as we've all met previously...either by peaceful means or otherwise." Marcus Vitrillo cleared his throat, sipped some vodka and stepped to the podium. "Now, for countless years the Plains Region has been protected from foreign powers. And we've all prospered under that protection, some of us have expanded into commercial & technological hubs, others into industrial and production juggernauts. However, none of us has ever risen to prominence and been able to successfully bring peace and stability to the region. My own family, which is arguably the most influential of any other in the region. Has only been able to stabilize our meager holdings in the valleys and hills around The Dominion." Marcus Vitrillo paused, taking another sip of Vodka. "Now, our forefathers fought bitterly for the minor holdings we now claim in our families names. But none of the families here can claim too live as anything more then a small fiefdom." Marcus Vitrillo pauses and states to the council. "Ah, it appears our refreshments have arrived, if you would not mind that minor speech has left me quite hungry. As I didn't have time to eat lunch, please join me to dinner. I'll discuss the rest of the proposal after we've all had our fair-share of refreshment."

7:00 PM CST - Vitrillo Family Auditorium

"Now, let me finish were I left off. No doubt many of you are itching to learn of my proposal, just as much as I am to get it off my chest. That being said, what is something each and every one of us value more then anything for our people?" The collective body of councilmen all answered in relative unison. "Security." Marcus, nodded his head and said. "Precisely, but how can any of us claim we are secure when at any time a foreign body could colonize this land? Surely, none of you could claim your families could repeal any invasions. Individually, we'd all fall like pawns on a chess board.However, collectively we could repeal any invasions and more. Oh so much more, imagine if every one of our families united under one banner. One collective body that would function and govern our individual lands for the betterment of every man, women, and child under our banner. What I propose, is we cast aside the old family rivalries that has prevented our peoples from reaching there true potential. Let us give our grandchildren, everything we've always dreamed of in our lives. Let our peoples unite, for the betterment of the Plains!" The Council sat speechless, finally one councilmen said. "We will follow you Marcus!" slowly, the other councilmen pledged there support for Marcus Vitrillo. Thus, throughout the next week. The council and there new leader Marcus Vitrillo debated and organized this newly forming county.


Newly commissioned Solarian National Flag


2:00 PM CST - Dominion Capital Building

Marcus Vitrillo the newly appointed leader stood amongst a enormous crowd comprised of the many ethnic groups that would become the make-up of this new country. Marcus stood in awe of the people, silent waiting for him to speak. TV crews from around the new nation, broadcast the address "My friends, I see gathered here today. A plethora of ethnicities, faces, stories, and experiences in each and every one of you. And I stand here humbled, for the past week I along with the council have debated a great many thing's concerning the formation of our country. Without a doubt many of you have watched the latest reports like lions stalking there prey. Countless questions likely have formed in every one of you. Well, without further adieu. Let me answer some of those question's." Marcus Paused, looked down at the thick packet of notes and speeches prepared. He took the booklet in his hand, and showed it to his new found people. "This booklet I hold in my hand, was meant to be read to you all. However, I do believe it would lull each of you to sleep, as it has made me tired just thinking of it." The crowd laughed, then grew silent once more. "Therefore, I will speak from the heart. Firstly, let it be known that from this day forward...my fellow friend's, we shall henceforth be known as Solarians. Now, that name shall elude too our nation name. It guides each of us through the day, keeps us warm, and gives us hope. The Sun, our great nation shall be known as Solaris. Our capital, well you all stand on the grounds of it as we speak. The Dominion, shall remain unchanged and serve as the seat of power for our newly founded nation." Marcus Vitrillo continued to speak for two more hours, which strangely did not grow bored from it. Marcus finally ended his address to the nation with the following. "Solarians, we stand amongst each other bonded by common traits and themes. Now we stand on the cusp of prosperity. Let us all grasp it, Sol guides our hand!" The crowd cheered and applauded loudly, nearly deafening all other sounds. Marcus simply smiled, waved and walked off the podium into the Imperial Coach vehicle.

6:30 PM CST - Dominion Media Conference Room

Marcus after already speaking to the people of his new nation. Was exhausted, he was set to make an open radio transmission to the nations of the world. However, he pressed on and made the statement broadcasting among all open frequencies, to the nations of the world... "Hello, I Am Marcus Vitrillo. Leader of the newly formed Solaris, comprised of the many protectorates that encompass many of the plains regions. I thank you all for listening to this transmission. To our neighbors, we sincerely hope for peaceful co-existence and the mutual prosperity of our peoples. To the world, we wish the same. We are open to trade, and have a large capability for economic and military growth. Even now our scientists, engineers, and factories are quickly producing fine new equipment and buildings. That being said, we would be interested in purchasing new equipment from any nation willing. We wish all our fellow patrons inhabiting the Americas, nothing but the utmost prosperity and happiness. To our neighbors in Asia, Europe, & Africa. & The Pacific Islands. We wish the same to you. And as such, Solaris would be interested in establishing many diplomatic embassies and consulates around the world to establish cordial relations. Lastly, on a parting note we look forward to building our nation, and our relations with each and every one of you. I bid thee farewell, until a later time." And just as quickly as the transmission started, it ended. Marcus quickly moved towards his study to relax and contemplate the events of that day.

OOC: This is my first RP ever, I've only briefly began watching the RP's of the world. So bear with me if the quality isn't the best. As of now, I need to try and explain how my nation will be so large...so soon. Suggestions for potential story-lines explaining the rapid growth of Solaris would be appreciated. Lastly, it's good to finally be here.

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The Federacion Iberiana Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces its intention to enter into normal diplomatic relations with the new nation of Solaris. We welcome their entry onto the international stage, and hope that they might contribute to the betterment of all peoples.

OOC: Nice start, keep it up. It's hard to keep character through all the little posts, but this looks promising.

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"We thank the various delegates who have offered there well wishes. As such, we have commissioned Solarian marble statues from our native land's to be sent to you all as a gesture of good will and fortune. These statues are highly revered by our people, so it was fitting we offer these as a gift.

Sincerely, The Solarian Parliament"

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