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[CNRPS]Neo Olympia Founded

Vasili Markov

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Physical Description & Characteristics:

On average this race is slightly built when compared with baseline homo sapians and they are slightly faster and more agile than a normal human, but owing to their small frames they have less strength and endurance than a baseline human. Catfolk are natural gymnasts and sprinters but perform poorly at long distance running and weight lifting. There is some racial variation and exceptions exist to the average but they are uncommon and noteworthy examples of the race. The cat folk have a 5:1 female:male gender ratio so plural marriages are commonplace.


Race Name: Homo Sapien Felus (Catfolk)

Diet Type: Omnivore, Favours fish

Historic Behaviour: Ambush Predator


The catfolk were created as soldier/slaves for a long lost civilisation but they revolted and overthrew that civilisation hundreds of years ago. They have been living in tribal lifestyle up until recently. They have recently rediscovered some of the simpler old technologies and have begun to modernise on their own terms. They have a meritocracy as their government and have recently begun to explore the world.


The catfolk language is a complex mix of sign language and spoken words. The language has recently been adapted for use over radios but the people think that the language has lost some of its subtlety with the loss of hand and tail signs over the radio. Without the use of sign language the language seems curt and abrupt to the outside listener but if they learn the sign language component they discover a second layer of meaning in the language that makes the language extremely courteous and poetic.


The catfolk are a naturally inquisitive and social people and believe strongly in honour and loyalty to their group and their friends.

They also tend to be highly interested in their appearance and social standing, Honor and duty are the key virtues of the catfolk.

And face is an important consideration when they make decisions.


Vasili Markov the leader of the Neo Olympian Federation looked over the city that was mere bushland a few short decades before, he remembered the massive building efforts that the discovery of the old site had brought about, Science was the new religion now and the worship of the old gods was all but forgotten. An attractive young female assistant came in with his tea tray "Thank you Hitomi, that is all" he bowed graciously and she also bowed then he sat down and had a cup of tea. He looked at the various reports from the government in front of him the industry ministry had built several new factories and his private company looked like it would profit enormously from this, he would have to remember to send a gift to Toji for this. He also looked at some reports from the military the new rifles were a great success and the great hunt would be better this year. The rangers had reported that they had seen several other civilisations and provided a short report about each, diplomats would need to be sent to greet them now and the rangers would be rewarded for their success.

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Official Announcement.

In order to preserve our culturally important treasures the Federation announces that the following areas are now claimed by the federation.



That is all.

OOC: Queensland & the Maldives. (Used RL map of Maldives, ignore the place names I will make a better map as soon as I can. I just couldn't find a recognisable blank map of the Maldives)

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OOC: Just a heads-up. You might be having a few scouts arrive in your territory in the next few days, as per this post. which was in response to this one. Up to three will show themselves, with three more remaining hidden.

A physical description of my people can be found in this thread.

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