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A New Era


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Nikolai Romanov stares at his reflection in the mirror. His new Royal Robes seem alien to himself still, as attendants from the various Monarchs of the world educate him on ways to move and speak. He cares not. He just wishes to lead his people to the promise land.

He waves them all off and sits down for a drink. He downs a good portion of his bottle before finally breathing. He writes down some notes on some paper and leans back, waiting for his Senate to gather together the plans for the coronation.

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A courier arrives from the Marscurian Empire carrying a simple message from Kaisermelech Mikhail.


You are a monarch now, so here is some advice that has helped me. It lays down some hard facts that you must know to be a successful ruler. Remember, you are the state, and everything you do reflects your country. Everything you do from now on is for the advancement of the country and people, their needs are above yours now. Take care of the people. Love them, and they will love you. Remember this, and history will look favorably upon you. May your reign be full of peace and prosperity!

-Mikhail, Kaisermelech of the Marscurian Empire"

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Romanov smiles upon reading the letter. He hopes that the fact the people voted him in helped his historical standing. But he knows how to lead an army, how hard can a country be?


I welcome your words of wisdom. No doubt you have seen much. After leading an army for so long in Nordland, i hope i can use those abilities as a King. But as we all know there is always something going wrong on Planet Bob. I hope that all of our reigns, terms and other come to pass without major incident.

- Nikolai Alexandrovich Romanov II, Tsar of Molakia by the Grace of the People

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To all National Leaders,

It is a great day in Molakia. Our newly crowned King is ready to take his throne. We are now putting together a ceremony to offically crown him. We ask any leader who wishes to attend to do so. We are planning for a small gathering after the ceremony as well.

The actual event will take place in the capital city, near the under construction Imperial Residence/ Capitol Building. We wish to show the world that while Molakia is now politically stable, it still has a ways to go. After the crowning, His Majesty shall make a short speech.

We hope to see many of you there!

-Joint Statement from the Molakian Senate

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106 people in the quarantined area in Great Lakes State have died and another 467 are showing symptoms of the deadly flu virus.

The flu virus is unknown, but investigators confirmed the unknown flu virus to be a mixed breed of almost all of the existing human flu viruses, and worse, a mix of the bird flu virus breeds.

Unfortunately most of us are too busy down here to come. We send our best wishes, though.

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Juan Esparrago, President of the newly formed Federacion Iberiana, sends his most sincere apologies for being unable to attend Nikolai's coronation ceremony, but is otherwise engaged in his own inauguration. Please accept our gift of a purebred Andalusian stallion for Your Majesty's stable.

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My Dear Tsar,

Though I detest monarchy, I hope to see Molakia prove me wrong on the ability of a benevolent monarch. This however, will never get in the way of our friendship. I will make it one of my highest priorities to attend this coronation and offer the Hansa's well wishes on this. It will be a great day for all of Finland.


Sarah Tintagyl

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Imperial Residence, Kotka.

Nikolai Romanov starts pacing around his quarters. In another day or so, he will be finally crowned King, or Tsar, of the Molakians.

"I never thought this day would come. Leader of my people? KING? Its almost...almost..."

"Unreal?" a soft voice says from a seat nearby.


Anna Ivanova looks at her old friend with a slight smile. Knowing him since he was first in the army, she can pretty much finish entire sentences for him.

"Dont forget to referance your brother. He did found this country!" she quipped with another smile and saundered over to the Tsar, holding him to stop his pacing.

"And stop moving im getting sick of watching you move. Relax! Have a drink!" she says, producing a bottle of Vodka from Corset space.

"I always knew you would be there for me...and my need of Alcohol!" Romanov replied.

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