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Operation DragonFire

Sir Keshav IV

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Jafna, Dragon Empire-

The town was evacuated a little earlier and a Missile Firing Range was set up. The 100's of scientist of the Dragon Empire entered the research facility to work on the Project: Dragon Fire. The main aim of this project was to develop nuclear war heads. While the scientists worked under Government funding, the wait was on to test fire a fully active missile.

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One of the lead physicists on the Project, Dr. Jim Kathay would note, "Lets not rush to far ahead in trying to get nuclear tipped missiles. We just want to get the warhead mechanisms working right. We need a bomb... then we need a transport vehicles." He dumped a folder full of schematics and U-238 centrifuge documents on his desk. "We're going to need a large power plant here.. and lots.. and lots of centrifuges. Get the construction crews working on the schematics on the double. We're also going to need a test reactor building. We've got to puzzle out exactly how much fissile material this !@#$%^&'s going to need."

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"The Taiwanese would like to send a few physicists and scientists to watch the progress for when we have the knowledge to research such a weapon." Nebu II. "If you will grant us access we will send our men to the lab to watch how it is done."

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