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CN TE Sanctioned Alliances Image For the CN Forum

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For more CN:TE spirit on the CN forum, at the end of a round, the top 12 alliances get their flag added in game and a sanctioned alliance image for the CN forum just like regular CN. This perk would stay on the TE addition and CN Forum till the end of the next round where the process is repeated for the next round.

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We have sanctioned alliances in CN standard because for the most part alliances are fairly stable. The alliances in CN:TE are not and with 60 day rounds this would be way too much to work to do and keep up with methinks.

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I'm not going to deny that it could use some work, but you also have to give credit to the larger alliances that pull in larger numbers.

Numbers should stay as a bigger role in CN:TE, but I also feel that giving the #1 title to an alliance with less than half your members and more NS is also pathetic... a nice balance is always best.

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