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IRC- How to register?

Bon Bon

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Well, which part are you having trouble with?

If you are a new user, it will probably be easiest to just use the Chatzilla addon to Firefox.

Once installed, open it in the Tools menu, and start off with typing-

/server irc.coldfront.net

It will then connect you to the server.

Next, you pick your IRC name (Actually you probably pick that name in the Chatzilla setup, I forget)

To choose your nickname-

/nick Bon_Bon

Lastly, you will need to join your alliances channel.

/join #NPO

(Is that NPO's channel? I've never bothered to join)

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NPO's IRC chan is #NSA i believe. Some alliances set up forum links for access via Java to IRC. Ask someone in your alliance or check your forum to see if you have one. They can be helpful in getting you online in the short term. Long term however you are better downloading one of the many programmes, for example chatzilla, xchat, trillian (the list can go on and everyone has their own favourite).

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Make sure you type this in the chanserv window and not in a channel or query while using the nick you wish to register.

/msg nickserv register <your password here> <your email address here>

For example:

/msg nickserv register fictionalpassword fictionalemail@whatevermail.com

Then every time you log into IRC, you can identify yourself typing:

/msg nickserv identify password

So in the example above this would be:

/msg nickserv identify fictionalpassword

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