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  1. Separate trade requests go into this pinned thread. Trade circles (resources, bonuses and participants listed) may have their own thread, and may be bumped once every 24 hours, if no other post is made in it. Creating a new thread in here for something other than a trade circle set up, WILL get you warned.
  2. Justitia


    It's been 3 years? Time flies. And I still feel flattered
  3. Justitia

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    Oh come on guys, I need my PM addiction :lol:
  4. Justitia

    This Thread is About Electron Sponge

    Thanks, Kat So, is this thread still about Electron Sponge?
  5. Justitia

    War Slot Filling

    I'll have a guess and say it does count as warslot filling.. Then again, what do I know?
  6. Justitia

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    Not a problem here... B)
  7. Justitia

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

  8. Justitia

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    That information is classified.
  9. Justitia

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    Oh fine, dear, can I break your mud driving car instead? (so yeah, I forgot what it's called...) edit: two minutes and I still clash with it...maybe I need another hobby.
  10. Justitia

    This Thread is About Electron Sponge

    I have to ask....FTMFL? Also, I shall eat popcorn and watch this. Might be interesting, might be boring...might be nothing at all.
  11. Justitia

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    Like you're only allowed to send one pm every 5 minutes? I hate it. Must smash something now.
  12. Justitia

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Never log in from each other's computers anymore, don't trade/aid/etc with each other and keep your fingers crossed.
  13. Justitia

    This Thread is About Electron Sponge

    He can't be that awesome, all the awesome people have at least one post in my bar. He has none
  14. Justitia

    same network ?????

    Well yeah, school computers tend to all be connected to the same network. I wouldn't even log in my nation from the schoolnetwork if I were you guys.
  15. Justitia

    Ruler Name

    As long as there is no nation connected to your first account (and you don't have a brother/sister/goldfish playing on the same network ) you can safely register a new account and make a nation with that one.
  16. Justitia

    April Fools

    *pats Philo* Better luck next year
  17. Justitia


    And for those who want a reason, here's a pretty one I completely made up myself and is in no way confirmed or condoned by admin (hell, I might even get my behind kicked) but to inform the masses and keep them happy, here it is: As you know, you can create energy through movement. Our energy was supplied by hamsters running around in huge wheels. Unfortunately, rats started eating all the hamsterfood. To control the rats problem, we hired some cats to get rid of the rats. Due to a small miscalculation, the cats decided to go for the easier prey, the hamsters. On top of that, Atlas' leash broke, and he ate the cats. So we had no hamsters, no cats, an Atlas with a belly ache and a load of rats. Thankfully, admin figured out rats like to run around in wheels too, so the problem is solved. *bows*
  18. Justitia

    Deleted Nation

    Yeah, you're not supposed to sell or give away nations or anything like that, as stated in the rules. Secondly, you may have "abandoned" your old nation, it still existed and so you had at that time, two nations, which is also against the rules. That's 2 rules you broke there.
  19. Justitia

    Nation Randomly Deleted

    Have you been using a proxy to get on CN?
  20. Justitia

    This Week in Pacifica

    Alright, unless there is some solid evidence, I'm going to stop the hacking accusations here. It's a slippery slope filled with legal holes.
  21. Justitia

    admin stop hating my nation

    Admin hates all nations equally.
  22. Justitia

    I have a question...

    Same here, case closed
  23. Justitia

    I have a question...

    Aye, I'm counting 12 lines in your sig, so I suggest you change it before one of our sighunters see it :lol:
  24. Justitia

    2 accounts

    Fixed. Also, no.
  25. Justitia

    Why was my topic Locked ?

    Yeah. Like this one.