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Foreign Aid Request


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I think the thread you are looking for is the one below. Welcome to Cybernations :)


thanks but i am not requesting anything in know were it is at an this is an off topic but yet still on the topic of aid all i say is that i think people should be more willing too give aid

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Well, most are willing to give and they do to their own alliance members and friends. What you want people to do apparently is just send money to total strangers. There's several reasons this doesn't happen very often, most important of these is aid slots. The number of aid slots and the time it takes for them to expire is a function of how much aid any of us can send out. With the need to use those slots to import tech and send out aid offers to purchase the tech being imported and to aid one's alliance's growth, there's not usually any aid offers left to simply send money to a total stranger unwilling to sell tech as means of making money, or join an alliance in which case his alliance sends him money. In your case, you're showing you're in LoSS. Are you saying that LoSS is unable to send you the money you're requesting? Then why should a total stranger be expected to send aid when your alliance doesn't?

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