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2 of the same event


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Events seems to come in pairs, it does actually looks to be more common that you get the same even twice than it is that you get one good and one bad event at the same time.

I don't know the formula for getting new events, but many people have experienced that you are unlikely to only get one event, Normaly you don't get any events for a long time, then all of sudden you get a lot of them in a short time span.

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Gentle Persons

Alright I tried but since no-one else did. I cannot resist. Good cowman it's not a game bug CN must have a VIRUS.

Sorry. B)

However I actually had drought three times in a row inculding twice at the same time and once with flooding go figure. So yes it does happen.


Squire Hime Themis

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Events are totally random with the exception that there is a tiny extra chance you'll get a negative one over a positive one (51% vs 49%). Trouble is when people get two of the same they come and mention it on the forum so it starts looking like its not an accident. You dont see people reporting that they got 2 different events (ZOMG!).


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I have had two different events at one time about three or four times. However when i seem to get two events close to each other they are more often the same than different.

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