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FIFOB Friendlies Results and Requests


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The purpose of this thread is to keep track of friendlies which occur during the history of FIFOB

Also requests for friendlies if you want a random opponent may be made here

Request form




Opponent Request**:NATION NAME/OPTION

* Style is the style of play your team implements, it is a number -5 through +5

**Options for opponent request:

-Random: FIFOB chooses your next opponent, this also makes you a permanent opponent on the Friendly list (meaning if anyone else chooses random or requests you as an opponent you automatically play them)

-Request: You request a nation as an opponent either off the random list or a team that will post later (you will only have one friendly with the requested team and no other matches. To have another friendly you must request again)

-Requested: if someone puts your nation name in their opponent request as stated above


IRON Invitational

Friendlies Results:


Macland 2-2 Prince Edward Island


Kevodia 3-2 Prince Edward Island

MacLand 1-2 Republica Tallan

Tetragrammaton 0-0 Invencible

Wighton 2-1 RipperLand

Transvaal 5-1 Mystrada

The Greater Good 2-2 Mughal Empire

Bubbler Nation 2-3 Sezchronne

Epicphail 1-1 Chosun


Republica Tallan 1-2 Prince Edward Island

MacLand 1-1 Republic of Sussudio

Tetragrammaton 2-2 The Greater Good

Wighton 1-0 Bubbler Nation

Transvaal 8-1 Epicphail

Invencible 1-2 Mughal Empire

RipperLand 1-3 Sezchronne

Mystrada 0-0 Chosun

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Requesting a friendly:

Nation: Republic of Sussudio

Ruler: Phil Collins

Style*: -1

Opponent Request**: Anyone, not fussed.

Unfortuntly, Sussudio's star striker was seen falling out of a taxi at 4am last night eating a kebab. Chances of winning anytime soon are dim if Steve White doesn't get his act together soon.

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Pirates drop friendly to the Volunteers

The 2 nil score does not show the true story of the game. The Volnation side outchanced the Pirates 10 - 1 and only stellar play by keeper Carlton Richardon kept the game close.

Still, manager Leancam sees much positive in the outcome. "our younger players got some time on the pitch and did not panic. I feel we are a year or two away from being comeptitve with the big boys like VolNation, but we have a solid core of young players."

Cuthbert Eddly picked up both goals for the Vols, both on pretty breakaways.

500 members of the Boarding Party made the trip to Vol Nation, and the Green and White was well represented in the stands.

(OOC) Volnation defeats Prince Edward Island Pirates 2-0 in a friendly in Ark League

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friendly request

Nation: Dracadia

Ruler: dragonknight1000

Style*: +2

Opponent Request**: i'll take whoever, I just want to get some experience before the big one (and btw, is posting team statistics like player names and such required or not really but encouraged? still trying to get the hang of everything if case anyone's wondering why i'm making a newbie or noob post :P)

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