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Email notification for war (TE)

Jack Shepard

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- A war notification option has been added to the My Profile screen. Check the war notification box if you wish to receive email notifications when someone declares war on your nation. We're testing this feature in CN:TE and if all works ok then we'll be adding this feature to CN:Standard soon.


For the defender, its obviously good news to know you've been declared on when you may be doing something else online.

For the attacker, does it take away, at at least lessen the element of surprise?

Thoughts on whether we want this in Standard? I say yes :)

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I like this. I don't think it makes it any easier on the defender since the attacker will be able to complete the quad attack befofore you recive the e-mail and logs in on CN:TE anyways.

It just means that you don't have to log on multiple times each day just to see if anything is going on in your nation. This will probably help on the server load since you now will only need to actually log in when you are planing on doing something. Right now most of the actuall game play happens on off site forums anyways so it's nice to recive such messages in an email. It would be even better if we could get the other PMs on mail as well.

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I think this would be useful for more than just war declarations. Maybe trade drops/sanctions too. I'd even go so far as to suggest an (optional) email notification for all in-game PMs. This would probably have to be a job than runs every hour or so and batch sends all unread messages, to avoid dozens of emails when you get quad attacked.

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I like the idea, provided a small delay of say 5 minutes is used. I don't think people should have the opporunity to respond quite in realtime ie. before the attacker and allies have finished their round of attacks, as that would gave far too big an advantage to the minority of people with unlimited free time.

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