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Wonder time

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I make $2.5 mil/day after bills, should I invest in another wonder, and if so which?


Always buy 1 wonder a month, its the best for your nation in the long run

What type of wonder depends on how you see your nation and alliance, Military, Eco or Balanced

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No, don't buy any.

You should be making at least 3 mill net before you start buying.

I would suggest starting at 4k infra...

Anyways, he already has 4 so that advice already goes completely against his strategy.

Personally, in your situation Rupert my next choices would be either the Strategic Defense Initiative or the Interstate, depending on if you are buying infrastructure in the near future, or if you want a military nation. If you are staying at that infrastructure level for a while I would look at a Great Temple.

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Strategic Defense Initiative or the Interstate

I'm after a bit more development before I bunker down. I just joined a trade circle and my income shot up to 3.2 mil/ day post bills, so I think I'll get an Interstate. Thanks for the advice.

One more thing, my fleet's costing me $ .26 million/day, which over time is quite some chunk of change. I don't see any new Great War brewing on the horizon, and with nukes for defence I see no reason to keep the ships on hand. Is there any real reason not to mothball them, enlarging my warchest to rebuild whenever CN diplomacy goes 1930s- style again?

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