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another FANtastic announcement.


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We at FAN have been having lots of yiffy orgies and FANtastic parties to try and decide how to 1up everyone else, however, we failed badly and missed our chance to 100M GET! so we bring you this instead.

[18:31] <&Engel[MHA]> rum, liquor, sex

[18:31] <&Engel[MHA]> torture, bondage, dragons

[18:31] <&Engel[MHA]> lava lamps, chili, coffee


We the FANtastic, in order to provide for a lulzy tourny experience, proclaim this charter to be totally pawsome and full of win, granted forth the understanding that this is TE, not CN, two different games, two different FANs, ok? good.

Body text:

Article I: Government.

The Government of FAN is comprised of a non-elected Triumvirate, and t3h 1337 C0uncil of Ministers (almost said minstrels).

The Triumvirate works together to decide which alliance to yiff, which to nom on, and which to make our sex slaves.

T3h C0uncil of Ministers (almost said minstrels) have the option to advise the Triums with major FANtastic decisions, and, if requested by the Triums, can take part in partying decisions, and may occasionally buy drinks with a fake I.D. Card.

T3h C0uncil of Ministers (almost said minstrels) are appointed by a unanimous vote of the Triumvirate.

Article II: Membership.

all potential members must apply for membership, other then that, membership is instant. All members must wear; Federation of Armed Nations as their AA, and may choose to fly our TE Flag (custom 42 or w/e it is).

Article B: Military.

The Military is comprised of all the yiffing lulzers in our FANtastic alliance.

Everyone must join a brigade according to their NS range, each brigade is headed by a Brigidier General, and a NCO, joining a brigade ensures that we can better make alliances go KABOOM faster, becuase thats what wer're all here for, the KABOOM.

The Brigades fall under the command of the Minister of D-Fence. the MoD falls under the command of the Triumvirate.


Article Four: Economy.

The Minister of Yiff runs the yiffiest part of our yiffy alliance, and must deal with having to meet the constant demand for Lulz, Yiff, and Lube. YIFFY!

Article VEE: Recruitment.

The Minister of Recruitment is that shady guy at the party who wears teh trenchcoat and flashes random people, he also tricks kiddies to join our parteh van by offering candy and dirty magazines.

Article 666: Affairs.

The Minstrel of Affairs (there I said it), with Triumvirate approval, offers furends larges vats of lube and vast legions of harems, and also makes sure everyone in the alliance is happy and not trying to steal each others cookies.

Article 789: General Lulz

FANtastic will let our yiffy yiffers make un-aligned nations go KABOOM for lulz, but no yiffer will make a nation go KABOOM for lulz if the D-fending nation is in an alliance.

Also; FAN only recognizes alliances with three or more members, groups with less then three members and flying their own alliance is subject to spontaneously going KABOOM at a Triumvirs discretion.

We the Undersigned agree to make this piece of paper lulzworthy.

DrakeZ07, Triumvir, the most yiffy of triums

John_Mathews, Triumvir, the thane of thanes

Engel, Triumvir, the trium with the longest name in the game

Daz Dillinger, Minstrel of Affairs, "what is BAMF?"

Colonel Mustard, Minister of D-Fence, i didn't give an optional title because i fail

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