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Casus Belli is born

King Death II

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We are Casus Belli. We are from the CN:S alliance of Carpe Diem. Yea so we are going to be on the Pink team because everyone knows its the manliest color in the game.

Here is our charter:

Casus Belli Charter


All Casus Belli members must be members of the Carpe Diem alliance in Cybernations


Casus Belli is led by the Warboss, who has control over all aspects of Casus Belli. He is supported by the deputy warboss and squad commander

Selecting the Warboss

The commander of Casus Belli is the Director of Defense in Carpe Diem (and therefore selected by election) or a person selected by the Director of Defense to lead in their stead.

Our government:

Warboss: Bionic Redhead

Deputy Warboss: King Death II

Squad Commander: Condo

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I like the way you roll.

These guys are now protected by MI (unless Hormones says otherwise)


I've done nothing major so far and I've got an alliance sorted out, some form of a plan worked out and semi-official/official protection from the biggest guys in CN:TE. Now all I need is someone of a similar size to pick a fight with.

If anyone wants to contact me or KD, then we're usually around #carpediem on coldfront or you could make an account and message me on the Carpe Diem forums.

- Bionic

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